Sunday, November 16

#motrinmoms speak out: ad campaign misses the mark

I spend a lot of time, okay-a ton of time-on here talking pretty about all of the awesome products I get to try thanks to this blog. I've fallen in love with so many products I never would have known about that have since become a part of my everyday life, and for that I am very grateful.

One such item, or way of mothering, is baby-wearing. I you have read this blog for more than a week, I'm sure you have seen at least one baby-wearing related blog post. So why am I bringing this up now? Because for once, I have to step back and write a negative review. It's related to the now infamous ad campaign here,and if they have taken the ad down by the time you see this, you can see the transcript here.

I was up all night on twitter (search for #motrinmoms), part of the storm of outrage that struck once people started commenting on the ad, and even vlogged about it for

And since it it International Baby Wearing Week, it seems even more important to stress the positives associated with baby-wearing: The connection, the bonding, the sheer joy I experience as a mother with my daughter so close. There are also plenty of documented positives for worn babies, which you can get more info about here.

Motrin: You missed the mark on this one. Baby-wearing is only painful if done incorrecty; kind of like pretending to sympathize with your intended target audience and pissing them off instead. That's why I think it is important to repost all related posts from this blog. Focus on the positives, moms. And wile you're at it, tell Motrin how you feel by taking your dollar elsewhere.

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