Saturday, June 25


So, do you think your company has a berrie sweet product my readers would love? If so, listen up!

I accept review items for Moms, babies and kids of all ages. Have something to market to Dad? Let's talk. I'm sure my mom readers would love the chance to score great gifts for the men in their lives.

The berrie (read: down low) on product reviews

If you're interested in a product review, send me an email with your company name, product info, and high resolution jpeg images for online publication. I also require the product, which will not be returned, to be sent to me as I cannot honestly give my opinion on something unless I have tried it for myself.

I focus on the positive in my reviews, but strive for honesty. Should there be a major issue, I'll notify you and we can further discuss the issue. Otherwise, I'll tell it like it is, which is why my readers come back each day.

Reader discounts and contest items for readers are not required, but highly encouraged. Keep in mind that I do reserve the right to refuse a product review if I don't think it fits with my readership.

Tooting our own horns

I list my contests on various contests blog listing sites for better promotion and increased traffic, most of which are free. However, a gauranteed listing at PRIZEY costs $3. I HIGHLY recommend listing at PRIZEY, and will require sponsors to reimburse me via paypal for gauranteed listings if they would like this feature.

So why should you bother with a contest?

My readership is made up of moms, aunts, sisters, and grandmothers ages 20-50 and they are a smart and savvy bunch, for sure. My readers are interested in gifts, unique mom-invented items, and greener options for themselves and their families. My 200 daily unique visitors stop in to see what I've tried lately and enter for a chance to win my many weekly contests, which require readers to visit sponsor sites and leave a comment on my blog for an eligibile entry. Hello traffic boost!!!

At the end of the contest, I'll draw the winner and send the information on to you and YOU are responsible for sending the prize out to the winner in a timely manner. Alternate arrangments can be made, but you must contact me prior to any listings to discuss this.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you promote your product!

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