Saturday, November 8

Rockin' the 80's look

They're cute. They're funky. And their good from baby all the way up to about eight-years-old.

Welcome to the height of functional fashion in baby care with the totally cool Skid Pants by Dittany Baby, available at The Cocoa Monkey online boutique.

Think Olivia Newton-John and those oh-so-funky leg-warmers, only imagine them on your baby's chubby little legs or on your 6 year-old's arms to help add a layer of warmth (and fashion) for the colder months. Or just match it up with a cute onsie like I did when Buttercup was seven months old and you've got yourself a complete outfit!

Other creative uses include protection for baby's sensitive knees as they learn to crawl and walk. And they are great for keeping little legs (and arms) warm when baby is in the sling or stroller. Still not sure if you want to try a pair? Just put a pair of your baby's tights on with a cute dress and try to change the diaper. Not fun. See where I'm going with this?

Oh, and I can't forget to mention the plus for baby-wearing mommas like me. Any time you place your kiddo in the sling you end up with pants, dresses, and skirts riding up, right? That leads to chilly baby legs, right? Not so if you've got a pair of Skid Pants on for back up!

These little cuties make diaper change a breeze! Solids and patterns are available for boys, girls, and in neutral options, as well. But don't wait! These little cuties are currently on sale for $9.99 per pair.

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Dree said...

I think they are so cute. I love that it will help protect the babies when they crawl.