Sunday, May 18

Wear your baby all summer long

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of baby-wearing. Anything that makes MY life easier and keeps Buttercup happy is at the berrie top of my "I gotta have it" list.
Which brings me to the Dittany Baby Solarveil Pouch available at Honey Chunks. Anyone who is familiar with baby-wearing knows that anything that can be done can usually be done that much faster when your baby is safe, close, and happily attached. In my case, this includes showering! (And to spare you all, we are NOT posting a picure of that!)
This little wonder is also a must for the beach or a trip to the local water-park.
I'll admit that the material is a bit on the rough side and that I would never recommend the Dittany Baby for everyday use, but it is the perfect supplemental sling for water and summer-related usage. Added bonuses are the UV protection built right into the Solarveil material, which also happens to be quick-drying and berrie light-weight.
It's easy to use, easy to pack, and a berrie sweet summer pick.

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