Saturday, November 8

Moving on up

I finally joined the land of the living, folks. That's right: I now have a facebook account. Someone give me a freakin' cookie.

So here's the deal. I started a group for Berrie Sweet Picks readers. Post photos of you and your kids enjoying prizes you have won! Add me as a friend. Just stop by and say hello!

My page is pretty sparse right now, but with your help I am sure that will change soon enough!


Terra Jones said...

Welcome to facebook! :) You'll get addicted...quickly, lol I joined the group!

Pauline said...

thanks! I'm excited, but also wondering how it will be possible to make time for a new addiction. As it is, I don't have time to read other people's blogs, so I never know what anyone else is doing.

Nicole Feliciano said...

Oh my, I guess I am going to have to take the plunge one of these days. Is it worth it? Or just another thing to manage?

I wanted to share a contest with you, contest queen:

Earrings--a gorgeous pair from A Gracious Plenty. Check it out!