Wednesday, June 18

Accidentally attached

I remember reading about attachment parenting when I found out I was pregnant. And I distinctly remember thinking that "those" people were crazy. I mean, come on! Carrying your baby that much was a sure-fire recipe for a spoiled-rotten kid who would grow up to think that the world revolves around them, right?
Yeah...and then I had my baby. And right off the bat I knew Buttercup was all about the Velcro. I could not put that little baby down for anything. All she wanted was her mommy's heart beat, and I was too in love to make her scream until she forgot what it felt like.

Well, that, and I really needed to pee. And do laundry. And the dishes. Oh yeah, and work, too.
So, um, help?
Well, I found it with the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier. It's like my regular-mom version of a live-in nanny, only better because my hands are free and Buttercup is right by me. (Yep, I've become one of "those" people. And I love it.)
So here's how it works. For just under $60 you get eight different carrying positions for a child up to 42 pounds without any complicated wrapping methods. It's soft, light, Dad's love it, and I love that I can just toss it into the diaper bag without a second thought. I can honestly say that I never leave the house without it. (The stroller, however, is a different matter.)
And when I do happen to venture out on my own, Buttercup is usually snug against her daddy's chest in his own K'tan.
Seriously people, trust me on this one. I have tried, like, a million different carriers, slings, and wraps, and this is my berrie top pick for ease of use, carrying options, price, and comfort.

Want to try one for yourself or give one as a gift? Baby K'tan is offering Berrie Sweet Picks readers 10 percent off with discount code berries (all lower case!) at check out through September 13, 2008.
Remember when I said I'd let you know when you really needed to grab your credit card? Well, this is certainly one of those times.

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