Monday, November 17

Verterra: True to the Earth

The holidays are coming up and with them come the requisite family gatherings with too much food and too little time to take care of the dirty dishes (at least in my house!) One option would be to make everyone wash their own dish, but that might take some of the holiday cheer after a hearty turkey dinner.

I could try paper plates-but they just don't seem sturdy enough. And while plastic ware would certainly hold up well enough, it's the least eco-friendly option out there.

So what's a busy mom to do? May I suggest leaves? You know, the kind that fall off of trees and land on the ground? Yeah, you read that right!

I had the pleasure to try a few samples from the innovative Verterra product line of reusable, renewable, and compostable dinnerware. Each bowl, plate, cup, and platter is made from a beautifully simple combination of water and leaves. There are no chemicals, no harmful toxins that can leach into your food, no dyes, and no waxes. Just Mother Nature giving us a second chance to say 'Thank You' to our planet.

Not only are these plates beautiful and sure to be a great conversation starter at your holiday soirees, they are also extremely durable. I tried mine out with spaghetti and fried eggplant one night, then rinsed and reused until the plate lost shape. My Verterra went from the fridge to the microwave and back to the fridge before trying them out in the oven. (Take that, plastic-ware!) And as long as I was careful to wash and not soak my plates, they held their own and lasted me well over 7 meals each. Sure, the plates stained after the spaghetti dinner, but I didn't care because the awe of eating off of a leaf plate was pretty much blinding me.

You can pick up a pack of 10 six-inch rectangle plates for $8.99, which is pretty good considering the durability of the products. Who knows!?!? If you take care with your Verterra during your Thanksgiving meal, you might very well be eating off of the same plate on New Year's Eve.

Go ahead, I dare you.

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