Sunday, June 29

Blog Bash: The Finale

Hello fellow partiers! Thanks for hanging out with me this past week and celebrating Buttercup's first birthday with me. I had a great time!
Now it's time to announce the winners of my blog bash contests for the week!

Winner:Sassy Pink Boutique

Birthday Memory Photo Contest
winner: Kimberly at All About Kimberly
winner: Andrea
Please be sure to email me if you were listed as a winner in this post!

I'd also like to send out a big Berrie Sweet thank you to my official sponsor, Go Baby, as well MJennings Designs, Avannabel Baby, Hoohobbers, Honey Chunks, Baby Banz, Monogrammed Gifts and More, Smart Mom Jewelry, and Circle of Sentiments for providing some fantastic prizes for my readers!

This was a lot of work, but it was totally worth the effort! And for those who won some of the sweet prizes and have already emailed me, I'll be contacting you to facilitate the distribution of prizes.
Thanks again to everyone who participated for helping Buttercup's first blog bash turn our to be a success!

Saturday, June 28

Blog Bash: Go Baby Prize Winners!

Buttercup is currently cutting her eye teeth so let's just say I have been a bit preoccupied!

She is currently chewing on some frozen grapes, so while I have a minute I wanted to announce the Blog Bash prize winners of our Go Baby items!

*InMat, two winners: ($50 value for each)

Sassy Pink Boutique and Dolls123

*Organic onsies, five winners: ($12 value for each)

Bunny B


Goodies for Mom

Quite contrary 1977

Mrs. S

*Organic T-shirts, five winners: ($12 value for each)



Lauren Hosley

Yours truly


Please contact me with your address and size options if you won a onsie or a T-shirt. I promise to respond to everyone within the next few days about getting your prizes to you! We still have a few prizes to announce tomorrow for the conclusion of Buttercup's Berrie Sweet First Birthday Blog Bash, so stop on by for a visit!

Thursday, June 26

Go anywhere with the Go Baby OutMat

Let's not beat around the bush here.


No more throwing cheapy in the car or the bottom of the stroller to spread out at outdoor parties, the park, or my own back lawn, for that matter! For one, they were bulky. And for two, they did squat for keeping me and Buttercup dry when the ground happened to be wet.

The Go Baby OutMat is a water-resistant outdoor playmat that delivers on its promise of making afternoons on the grass or at the beach easy and fun. Made of an innovative, pliable, water-resistant combination of materials, it's easy to use, lightweight and easy to transport (just slip it on the stroller handles or on your shoulder!)and just plain cool looking.

The best part? It's comfortable thanks to the poly-spandex (which replaces the hard vinyl used in other water-resistant play mats) and the terry-cloth surface which stays cool in the hot sun.

The beauty of the OutMat really lies within its simplicity. Just unzip and roll out, have fun in the sun, and then pack it back up when you are done.

And when it's time to wash it, just detach the bag and toss it in the wash!


Michelle has been selected as the winner of the OutMat prize! But don't fret if you want one of your own. Normally $60, these nifty (and yes, I said nifty and am not ashamed)OutMats are on sale for $45 for the summer!

The Blog Bash is almost done, so make sure to check back to see who won the rest of our Go Baby loot in Saturday's post.

On Sunday, I'll be back to post our winners from the week's contests. Please be patient with me as I work to contact the companies with winner information for distribution of prizes.

Wednesday, June 25

Blog Bash: Review and Contest

Hello party-bloggers! Raise your hand if you are tired of the typical kids music (can anyone say "Barney?") that just kind of tends to make you go slowly insane?
(Here's me raising my own hand....way up high.)

I'll admit that while I love, love, love kiddie shows, baby toys, and reading story books until I am blue in the face. And while I'm a huge music lover, there are limits to how many times I can sing (or listen to) "I love you, you love me...".

I mean, seriously.

So it was with some major trepidation that I popped the Frances England "Family Tree" Cd into my player. I was expecting "cutesy" and repetitive and annoying and was immediately proven wrong when I realized I had a smile on my face just a few bars into the first track, for which the CD is named.
Frances England's voice is sweet, playful, and sophisticated all at the same time. And her lyrics? Let's just say that I have played this CD so many times while driving, with and without Buttercup in the car, that I have every song memorized and unabashedly sing along.

It's folk, it's indie, and wonderful fun to listen to, with or without your children humming along in the background.

Want to win a copy? Pay attention cuz this is a two-step entry process.

1)Leave me a berrie (read:comment) telling me what you and your kids love listening to right now.
2) Do you remember what kind of cake Buttercup had for her first birthday? It's pretty easy to find either on this blog or here. Email me your guess at by June 27 and you are in the running for one copy of the "Family Tree" CD.
Contest ends on June 27 and a winner will be announced on June 28, at the end of the Go-Baby sponsored blog bash.


The following have been selected as prize winners:
* Jenna has won the Honeychunks prize, which includes a sample of the Foaming Cleanser and six reusable homemade baby wipes.
* Mommy Meryl has been selected as the winner of the Baby Banz prize pack.
* Rachel has won the very popular Circle of Sentiments Mommy Necklace!

Be sure to email me if you have been named a winner so I can get your prizes to you. And make sure to come back for the Blog Bash finale, where I will name the lucky winners of our Go Baby sponsored prizes and our week's winners from the blog bash contests.

Tuesday, June 24

Blog Bash: Birthday Memories Photo Contest

Time is running out and there is still so much more to do for the party! So we have to move quickly!

Have your favorite birthday photo picked out? Good. (If you're new here, you can submit any photo from any age as long as you have a good story to go with it!)

Now post your pic on your blog and tell the world why you love it so much. Then come back here and sign Mr. Linky with your name and direct URL to your contest post.
Remember to leave a comment after you sign Mr. Linky!

Non-bloggers can enter by leaving a comment on any participating Linky blog, and leaving me a comment as well.

What's up for grabs?

One winner will get their very own Baby Story kit.
How's that for appropriate?

Contest ends on June 27 and one winner will be announced on June 28 at the conclusion of the Go Baby sponsored party.

Here's my choice for favorite birthday photo...


Toni has been selected as the winner of the personalized child's name bracelet from MJennings Designs. But don't worry if you didn't win. You can take advantage of a 10 percent off discount code (BSP10) through July 31, 2008.
Cuddle Cottage has won the Hoohobbers Junior Director's Chair! Congratulations!

Be sure to check back to see if you have won a blog bash prize and be sure to contact me to claim your prize.
On with the party.

Blog Bash Review: Poof-tastic birthday!

When I found out I was pregnant with Buttercup, I immediately started making plans for a boy. And I am not ashamed to admit that I was a bit let down when I learned I was actually having a girl.

Fast forward to bows, and pink, and well, PrissyPoofs, and I'm having the time of my life. Little girl stuff is too cute, and I am loving every minute.

And when it came time to choose outfits for Buttercup's One Year photo session with MG Photography, I immediately knew I wanted her in a PrissyPoof. While my husband might look at it and ask why a tu-tu is such a big deal, Moms will understand why I see dreams and hopes and make-believe and beauty and fun and so much more with what PrissyPoofs has to offer for little girls. (Sorry boy Mommas! This is one company where it is all about the girlies!)

Since their opening in 2000, the PrissyPoofs team has been taking dress-up to a whole new level with high-quality tulle poofs (because tu-tu just so much less fun to say, isn't it?), that are comfortable for play.

They are also surprisingly easy to care for, with a toss in the delicate cycle for unimbellished poofs (hand wash the extra fancy stuff!)or a bit of steam from a hot shower helping to add the poofiness back to your princess' poof!

Dress-up options are almost limitless, with PrissyPoofs offering so-berrie-cute options like the GeniePoof, the LuckyPonyPoof, or the CottonCandyCowgirlPoof. Add in your own details like leggings, T-shirts, onsies, denim jackets, and everything else in your little girl's dress-up wardrobe, and you've got hours of fun ahead.

are sized from 6-months up to a size 7/8 for years of enjoyment. And for those extra-special photos for your newborn princess, you can check out the
TeenyPoof options.


Can't wait to get started with some Poof-tastic dress-up fun? PrissyPoofs is offering one lucky reader a Milkshake package in the size and color of the winner's choice. Buttercup wore her KnottyPoof for her one-year pics and looked so cute it hurt, and I can testify to her love of the Milkshake "PLAY!" CD. (She tries to snap her fingers and "sing" along to the lyrics whenever I play it. It's A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!)
To enter, visit the PrissyPoofs site and then leave me a berrie (read: comment) telling me what your favorite poof is. Comments will be accepted until June 27 and one winner will be announced on June 28.

Monday, June 23

Blog Bash: Buttercup's Birthday Suit

What to wear for the big day? Whether it's the first birthday or the third, Avannabel Baby has you covered for the cutest, handmade personalized birthday duds you are ever going to lay eyes on.
I searched high and low for a "keepsake" dress for the birthday girl, and after buying and returning about three dresses from major department stores, I finally called the Birthday Suit Search quits when the Monogrammed Kelly Green Gingham Birthday Dress (with a cute pink cupcake!)arrived in the mail.
This sweet little number is just $48.00 and is fully lined in broadscloth and includes pink grosgrain ribbon at the shoulders (which Buttercup only undid three times the whole party before she lost interest.) And the totally cute birthday cupcake applique is just the perfect touch, especially since Buttercup's birthday treat was a pink, gluten-free cupcake! So cute and just the right size for her little hands.
For an extra special touch, why not have the outfit personalized with your choice of monogram or first name for $10 more? For me, that was the proverbial icing on the cake that made this dress exactly what I had been looking for to begin with: A memory to treasure for years to come.
Thanks, Avannabel Baby!


Kimberly has been selected as the winner of the $25 Gift Certificate for Avannabel Baby! Be sure to contact me with your address so I can get your prize mailed out to you and keep checking back to see if your name has been drawn for a prize!

Blog Bash: Berrie Sweet Summer Memory Photo Contest

Hello Berrie Sweet Partiers!
Buttercup and I are loving the fun of her Go Baby Birthday Blog Bash. It's a lot of work, but very much worth the extra effort!
In the spirit of keeping the fun going, I want to invite you to share your berrie sweetest summer memory photo for a new Blog Bash contest.
Here's the scoop: Write a post on your blog with your chosen photo telling everyone why this is a favorite with a link back to this post. Make sure to sign Mr. Linky with your direct URL to your contest post and you'll be entered to win a copy of the super fun Tabby Road "Recess Monkey" CD. With great songs like "Pedal Power," "My Yeti's So Cool," and " Kitty Sister," you and your kids can dance around the house until your sides hurt!
I have two copies! So that means two winners!
Non-bloggers can enter by commenting to this post with a verbal explanation of your fave summer memory or by blog hopping over to any of my Mr. Linky participants and leaving a comment on their photo contest post.
Contest ends on June 27 and winners will be announced on June 28.
And now, for my favorite summer photo so far...

Oops! I almost forgot!
Windycity and Ginny have each been selected to win the berrie cute plush princess wand from Celebrate Express! Make sure to contact me at if you have been named a winner so I know where to send your prizes. And stop back often to see if your name has been drawn for the main contest!

Sunday, June 22

Blog Bash Review: The invitation

No matter how big or how low-key your child's party is going to be, there are a few basics that you need for the birthday party. Invitations are on obvious point, and I have to say that for important milestone birthdays, or for keeping out-of-state relatives in the loop, I love sending out photo invites.
The only problem is that they usually aren't the most affordable option.
Then, I found these cute princess-themed invites at Stork Avenue and was sold. Not only are they priced right (packages start at 12 for $15 with the per-invite price dropping from there), they are high-quality, adorable, and make a wonderful keepsake.
Not into the princess-girly stuff? That's okay, too. Stork Avenue has plenty of options available, and also allows you to build the invite online and approve it before getting your order out and to your doorstep.
Since I can't show you the actual invite for fear of exposing Buttercup's secret identity, I'll show you the photo we used for the invite instead.
Cute, huh?
Berrie Important Blog Bash Update!!!

Beloved Mama has won the Pink Monkey burp cloth set from Mommogrammed Gifts and More! Make sure to stop back and see if you have been selected for one of the main contest prizes!

Saturday, June 21

Blog Bash: Buttercup loves Comment-Presents!

That's it! Time's up! Those of you who missed the midnight deadline for the main contest are just going to have to be patient until the next time I decide to go crazy and host a blog party.

Don't fret. I go crazy all the time and that could conceivably be tomorrow.
Anyhoo, pipe down and listen up cuz it's time for our first mini-blog bash party game. And yes, there is a prize!

"What is it," you ask?

"Well," I respond in my best game-show announcer voice, "two lucky winners will have the opportunity to walk away with their very own "Mom's Summer Survival Pack", courtesy of Playskool and CVS stores!

Included in this nifty prize pack are:

*CVS/Pharmacy Continuous Clear Spray Sunscreen SPF 30: A new, no-rub spray that goes on kids quickly and comes in easy-to-tote 3 oz bottles for $4.99.

*Playskool Cottony Cloths: No matter how old your baby may be getting, baby wipes can handle anything from dirty diapers to sticky summer faces and hands. These handy little portable packs are perfect for stuffing in the diaper bag or keeping in the car. And for $1.79 per pack, you don't have to limit yourself!

*CVS/Pharmacy Hand Sanitizing Spray Pen for kids: I love this one! In your purse, the diaper bag, the car, or your child's lunchbox, this is definitely a must have for keeping germs at bay for only $1.99.

*Playskool Wash or Toss Sippy Cups: Perfect for restaurants, the playground, family parties, or wherever life takes you, these cute little sippy's are the perfect choice for those tired of having to replace that $7.00 favorite that keeps getting lost. A six-pack is just $4.49, so stock up and earn cash back with your CVS Extracare card!

So, what do you have to do to get your name in the hat for this one? Simple, just do a little bit of surfing on the net this week and find me some of the coolest must-haves for Mom, Baby, and kids that have not yet been reviewed on Berrie Sweet Picks and stop back here with your favorite. We'll call these "comment presents."

For an extra entry, email the business owner about my blog and tell them why you think they should contact me for a product review!

I'll pick one winner for the Mom category and one winner for the Baby/Kid category.
Buttercup's comment presents will be accepted until June 27 and winners announced on June 28.

The following five moms have each won their own matching Teething Bling bangle and necklace set in the color of their choice from Smart Mom Jewelry.
* Doreen
* Ashley
* Katie
* Seeryus Mama
* Stacey Moore

Contact me with your address and choice of color so you can get your prize! Remember to check back often to see if you you have been selected for a blog bash prize and happy partying!

On with the blog bash!

Hello all,blog bash partiers!
I am so E-X-C-I-T-E-D!
It is party day!
Wow. Talk about nerves. What if there isn't enough food? Do you like regular Coke? (Good, cuz the diet is flat!) And what about the kids? Do we have enough to keep them occupied? (Caleb, stop eating the crayons!)
So much to think about!
Well, Buttercup was officially due on June 21 of last year, but made an appearance three weeks early. I figured since I could not have a say in when she and I met face to face, I'd begin the blog bash today in honor of trying to maintain some semblance of control in my life.
(Pathetic, I know.)
So here's the plan: I will announce a few winners every day from the main contest (meaning those of you who signed Mr. Linky and or visited Mr. Linky sites.) Call this the "door prize" phase, if you will. To be fair and give any stragglers the chance to get on our party bus, I will hold off on this portion until after midnight.
(Clock's ticking, people!)
Also, I plan to post a few blog bash reviews and contests that will be open to anyone, with a contest end date of June 28 and all remaining prize winners will be announced.
So let's get ready to party and celebrate the fact that, even though I can't keep a houseplant alive to save my life, Buttercup is thriving and cute and adorable and

Thursday, June 19

Why Britax is Best

Remember me? The over-obsessive mom who researches everything to distraction and then some when it comes to her little Buttercup?
Yeah, well, if you thought the Great Stroller Incident of 2007 was a hoot, I can't even begin to explain to you the mental anguish my car seat search caused my husband. And my neighbor. Oh, and the dentist, too.
I must have started looking for a convertible seat when Buttercup was probably 10 pounds. Not cuz I thought I needed it then, mind you, but because I know me and realized that this was not going to be an overnight decision.
So many seats! But one kept coming back and sneaking into my mommy-dreams of Things I Want for Buttercup, and that was a Britax convertible car seat.
And thanks to the good people at Baby Car Seats, that's exactly what we got: a beautiful and sturdy and safe Britax Boulevard in the ever-girly Shannon Purple and Yellow.
Cost and features factor in big, and The Boulevard from Britax comes in on top. With a variety of comfort and safety features designed to keep your child happy, safe, and secure, the Boulevard is made to accommodate a child from the infancy stages all the way to 65 pounds and a standing height of 49 inches or less.
Not sure how long this will take us with our little stretch baby, but every penny on this bad boy is worth the $309.99 after you consider the many features, including the infinite head pad and harness-height adjustment, belly pad for comfort, removable , washable cover, flexible buckle LATCH system, one-hand recline adjustment, and tangle free, polyester five-point-harness.

The Boulevard also features the patented HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard) system, true-side impact protection, and is certified for air travel, too.
I'd also like to note that the Boulevard is easy to install, but H-U-G-E (fits great in our Jeep Cherokee!)so it's not exactly the best buy for lugging in and out of different cars. (That's why you buy a second car seat for your needs.) But if you are planning to park it in your back seat for the time being, you and your tot will be comfortable for the foreseeable future.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the optional car seat covers are a MUST! Not only do they offer peace of mind for unexpected spills and accidents, it also can update the look of your seat for the next baby!
I'll bet you are shopping for a car seat if you are still reading this post, so check out Baby Car Seats and their professional phone experts for help in making your decision. And if you're ready to buy one today, you can take advantage of a free shipping offer!

Wednesday, June 18

Accidentally attached

I remember reading about attachment parenting when I found out I was pregnant. And I distinctly remember thinking that "those" people were crazy. I mean, come on! Carrying your baby that much was a sure-fire recipe for a spoiled-rotten kid who would grow up to think that the world revolves around them, right?
Yeah...and then I had my baby. And right off the bat I knew Buttercup was all about the Velcro. I could not put that little baby down for anything. All she wanted was her mommy's heart beat, and I was too in love to make her scream until she forgot what it felt like.

Well, that, and I really needed to pee. And do laundry. And the dishes. Oh yeah, and work, too.
So, um, help?
Well, I found it with the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier. It's like my regular-mom version of a live-in nanny, only better because my hands are free and Buttercup is right by me. (Yep, I've become one of "those" people. And I love it.)
So here's how it works. For just under $60 you get eight different carrying positions for a child up to 42 pounds without any complicated wrapping methods. It's soft, light, Dad's love it, and I love that I can just toss it into the diaper bag without a second thought. I can honestly say that I never leave the house without it. (The stroller, however, is a different matter.)
And when I do happen to venture out on my own, Buttercup is usually snug against her daddy's chest in his own K'tan.
Seriously people, trust me on this one. I have tried, like, a million different carriers, slings, and wraps, and this is my berrie top pick for ease of use, carrying options, price, and comfort.

Want to try one for yourself or give one as a gift? Baby K'tan is offering Berrie Sweet Picks readers 10 percent off with discount code berries (all lower case!) at check out through September 13, 2008.
Remember when I said I'd let you know when you really needed to grab your credit card? Well, this is certainly one of those times.

Tuesday, June 17

Time to R.S.V.P for the blog bash!

Hello all. Just a friendly reminder that if you want to get a chance to par-tay with my princess and get in on any of these berrie awesome prizes, you need to comment, post, and sign on with Mr. Linky on this post by June 21.
I've got, like, 30 prizes listed and 15 party guests so far, which means odds are berrie high you'll walk away a winner! And although I plan to run a few blog bash contests open to all, the ones listed here are VIP only, as in Very Important Party Guest.
So what are you waiting for???

***A few tips for those participating:

*Have your favorite birthday photo and story ready to upload for a "Fave Birthday Memory" contest.

*While your hunting through those digital images, see if you can find one for a "Berrie Best Summer" memory photo contest.

*Feel free to host your own Berrie Sweet 1st Birthday Blog Bash Give-Away to help Buttercup celebrate the Big One!

*I'm always on the lookout for awesome products to review, so after we all sing Happy Birthday to Buttercup, I'll unwrap your comment-presents. Tell me what cool product you found for Buttercup (any age limit!)and I'll start requesting more review items! Buttercup and I will open comment-presents on June 28.

And a very big thanks to Go Baby, our official blog bash sponsor!

See you at the par-tay!

Monday, June 16

Such a tease

Here's a little teaser from my guest blogs at Lipstick to Crayons:

"Let me start off with a disclaimer: I am NOT the greenest of moms. I don’t hang dry my laundry, never brush my teeth in the shower to conserve water, and frequently find myself walking back into rooms hours after I left them wondering how long the light has been left on.
So instead of calling me “green,” maybe you could call me “avocado?” It’s still a shade of green…just a bit watered-down."

Just what super sweet product am I rambling about? Click here and here to find out.

Thursday, June 12

A boon for momkind

Did you know that the definition of a "boon" is "A benefit bestowed,especially one bestowed in response to a request"?
Well, the description fits the boon inc. company perfectly. We moms are always looking for and asking for more and for better for our kids, and what does Boon give us in response? Well, yeah, you got it. A boon.

Works out nicely, doesn't it?
The company tag line, "Innovations for modern parents" is also on target. Take a look at Buttercup in her pink Star Bodysuit, one of the many options available in the new line-up of layette options for babies up to 12 months. Not only is it flat out cute, I love the fact that the two-pack of bodysuits (which I like to call "onsies") comes in an environmentally-friendly reusable container. I use mine to take wipes in the diaper bag for cleanups and dirty diapers.
At just $29.99, it's a great way to keep the little ones cool in the summer without decking them out in the typical rubber duckies and toy trucks.
Also available are the berrie hip and functional coverall and hat sets, pant sets, and 5-piece gift sets, which includes a bodysuit, hat, pair of socks, and an innovative bib that attaches to the bodysuit.

All layette options also come in those handy little containers so no one has to feel guilty about throwing any packaging away.
Select styles are currently available at Amazon, select Babies R' Us stores and the web site, Buy Buy Baby, and other retailers nationwide.

But don't stop reading yet! Boon has generously offered a 5-piece gift set, valued at $39.99, to one lucky reader! The winner gets their choice of the Gear for boys or Modern Butterfly for girls in size 0-6 months only.
Just visit the Boon site and leave me a berrie (read: comment) telling me what product you'd love to see most featured on Berrie Sweet Picks and would be willing to scream about it from the rooftops if I begged and pleaded and offered it as a contest prize right here. Easy enough, right? And of course, be sure to tell me what style and size you would like in the five-piece set if you won.
As always, get an extra entry if you blog about it and come back to leave me the link.
Contest ends at midnight (EST) on June 19.

Tuesday, June 10

Yummy bites for little tummies

Let me start by saying that I ate jarred baby food. Every one in my family did, too. And none of us grew an extra leg or started laying eggs or anything else weird like that.
And I had no problem with the thought of feeding the same to my own child until I read a magazine article about homemade baby food.
The one line that was seared into my brain?
"Most processed baby foods have been on the shelf longer than your child has been alive."
Or something like that. The point is that I got totally grossed out and immediately jumped on the Homemade Baby Food Wagon and never looked back.
Buttercup's first foods were pureed sweet potatoes and avocado. She absolutely loved them, and still does. But let's face it. As kids get older, the need for variety becomes greater. So what do you do to keep things fresh (in both senses of the word?)I like to refer to the baby or toddler bistro boxesby Christina E. Schmidt, who has a Masters of Science in Nutrition. (Impressive, I know.)
Think of it as a book cleverly designed as a flash card system in a box for Moms who want to make their own baby food.
Only have time to read one card before you are called to scrub crayon off the wall(again) or change a dirty little diaper? Great, just finish up your card and set it back in the handy box. You can pick up later where you left off. Easy as that.
The Bistro Boxes are complete in the sense that each card provides basic info like when to introduce solids, what foods to avoid, the feeding habits of toddlers, shopping tips, and very yummy sounding recipes like Grants Pumpkin Custard and Maize and Manzana Mush.

Even better, each card is color coded by age, so there's no fumbling for the right recipe. And instead of having to take the time to write out a shopping list, it's a cinch to just drop the shopping tips cards into my diaper bag and I'm out the door.
The box sets are sold separately, but it's totally worth the $27.95 a piece. With the Baby set covering the first year and the Toddler taking Mom all the way to age three, buying both as a set would make a great gift idea for new moms.
Still reading? Sweet.
This is a two in one contest post. Just leave me a berrie (read: comment)telling me if you are interested in the Baby or the Toddler Bistro Box and why. One winner will be selected for each product at midnight (EST) on June 17.
Want an extra entry? You can earn one by blogging about the contest and then coming back to let me know!
Good luck and happy eating.

Take Dad out to lunch on Boston Market

Still looking for a Father's Day gift? Let me help you out here with a chance at a free $10 gift card to Boston Market! It would make a great gift, and would be all the sweeter if you used it to treat Dad to a great lunch next week.
All you have to do is leave me a berrie (read: comment) telling me why your Dad deserves to be treated to a tasty meal at Boston Market, and I'll select a winner at midnight (EST) on June 14. I'll mail the card out on Monday, June 16, and then it's just time for some really good chicken and kickin' mac n' cheese.

Monday, June 9

They just keep coming

Be sure to check out Buttercup's Birthday Blog Bash for the updated prize list! I have added a few more, and hope to do so everyday until June 21!

Sunday, June 8

Say hello to Bob

If you had known me when I was pregnant, you probably would have wanted to murder me.
"Why?" you ask?
"Because," I respond, "a sane, non-pregnant person can only listen to a pregnant obsessive person obsess about what stroller to get for so long before wanting to strangle her."
Seriously. Had it been one of my friends, I don't know if I'd be talking to them right now.

I survived (obviously), and have a kickin' stroller to show for my paid-desk-job, internet-searching-while-rubbing-the-belly-thing. (Thanks, former office job!)
Now, before anyone thinks we are loaded, let me set you straight. we are N-O-T. And perhaps because we knew that with my frequent walking for miles on end that we would not be able to afford replacing those cheapy-plastic wheeled jobs every 500 miles, we decided to bite the bullet and plunk down some serious cash on the BOB Revolution Stroller from REI.
Why? Because if you are active and plan to use said stroller for more than just strolling the mall, you need a stroller than can take the punishment associated with heavy use on pavement and off-road trails. That’s where the Bob Revolution comes in. It might look bulky, but it handles like a dream (trust me on this!)whether at the zoo, at mall, or on a 3-mile hike, thanks to rear-positioned shock-absorbers, a fully-pivoting front wheel that locks for off-roading and jogging, and a two-step, fold-up design.
Oh, and let me just tell you that Sweeter (the hubby) went all man-happy when he learned about the shocks. In fact, they pretty much sold the stroller to us by themselves.
Baby will be raving about the Bob, too, thanks to a fully padded reclining seat and internal pockets for porting around snacks and toys. This gem of a stroller also features a rear wheel foot-activated braking system, a five-point safety harness and can be pimped out to the gills with optional accessories galore like a BOB Handlebar Console
(a MUST), single infant car seat adapter (yeah, that's a MUST, too!), or a BOB Warm Fuzzy in White
to add extra comfort to baby’s ride (ehhh...not so much).
You can even take baby on a nice long walk on rainy days with the BOB Weather Shield for Single Revolution/Stroller Strides Models in Yellow.

This stroller is like, my best friend. And it solidified that role when I participated in the March for Babies and ended up pushing my friend's 10-year-old in it, one handed, while I carried Buttercup in my Ergo Baby Carrier for the last THREE MILES!
It steered just as easily as it did when Buttercup was in it, and made me fall in love with Bob all over again.

Saturday, June 7

What a star!

Buttercup has major movie star potential. Call me an overly-proud Momma, but the girl has a huge Drama Queen Quotient and already sings and tries to snap her fingers while jammin' to her favorite tunes.
And that high note she hits?
But no matter how much I might dream of my lil' princess taking the world by storm when she is older, I am perfectly content to cuddle up with her and just bubble with pride as we watch one of her fave DVD's, the too-cute-for-words MeMovies BEE AND ME DVD!
Launched by husband and wife team Stephen Ray and Kristina Zill in 2005, each MeMovie is customized with your baby or young child’s picture and their name. It sounds simplistic, but when you receive the 30-minute long DVD in the mail with your child’s smiling face and top billing as the “Featured Co-Star,” I'm willing to bet you are more excited than your kid is going to be. (I know I was.)
And it gets even better when you and your child hear their name pronounced correctly many times throughout the adorable cartoon. MeMovies customizes “BEE AND ME” for baby’s and toddlers through four years of age with a colorful background sure to capture their attention.
It's cute, it's fun, and I can't wait to post a review of COSTUME PARTY, which is designed for kids four and up.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 5

Announcing Buttercup's First Birthday Blog Bash!

I must be crazy!
This little baby of a blog is less than a month old and here I am trying to pull off a successful blog party! No matter how nuts that might sound, I have to at least try. After all, my lil Buttercup is going to be O-N-E!
Her actual birthday is June 12, but to buy myself some time, and to allow all of you the opportunity to join in the fun, I am running Buttercup's Berrie Sweet 1st Birthday Blog Bash from June 21 (her actual due date) through June 28.
The fun is open to both Bloggers and non-Bloggers, so listen up for a few simple rules to get in on some awesome giveaways! Go Baby is the official Berrie Sweet sponsor. A special thanks also goes out to Lipstick to Crayons for designing the super sweet banner for the blog party!

For Bloggers:

* Place the banner in your sidebar by June 21. The code is up on the sidebar. Just just click and paste. Simple, right?

* Go back on your blog and post about the Berrie Sweet Blog Bash, including a link inviting your readers to join in on the party. You can send Buttercup a birthday wish or message and even host your own giveaway if you like! After you have all that set, come back here and sign in to Mr. Linky with a direct URL to your Berrie Sweet Blog Bash post.
Oh-and be sure to stick to one Mr. Linky signature per person.
* And there you have it. Berrie Sweet, right? Just make sure to visit every day of the party to enter my kickin' contests and maybe even play a few games. Also be sure to list the three prizes you are most interested in and I'll do my best to accommodate you should your name be drawn for the main party contest.


* You can par-tay too! Just visit five of our Mr. Linky participating blogs and leave a comment on their Blog Bash post. Stop back here with a berrie (read: comment)listing the five blogs you visited and your email address. Easy enough!

Current prize list for Buttercup's Berrie Sweet First Birthday Blog Bash:

* GoBaby is offering one outmat ($60 value), two inmats ($50 value for each), five organic onsies ($12 value for each), and five organic T-shirts ($12 value for each)! Thirteen winners will get to select the design and size of their choice of awarded prize at the end of the party. Thanks, GoBaby!

* Circle of Sentiments 1-disc sterling silver or copper Mommy classic Necklace (a $45 value.)

*Avannabel Baby is offering a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner.

* Honey Chunks is offering a two-ounce sample of their popular Foaming Cleanser in Sensitive and six homemade reusable baby wipes to one lucky winner.

* Smart Mom Jewelry is offering five individual winners the chance at their own matching Teething Bling bangle and necklace set in the color of their choice. (A $31.85 value)

* Monogrammed Gifts and More is offering one winner the choice of either a Blue Monkey or Pink Monkey Burp Cloth set. (A $22.00 value)

* Baby Banz is offering a pair of Baby or Kids Banz and their new Wrapz Bandana to one lucky winner in their choice of size and color. (A $30 value.)

* Hoohobbers is offering their Junior Director's Chair, which also can be used as a booster seat for kids 18 months to four years, to one lucky winner. (A $35.00 value.)

* MJennings Designs is offering a personalized child's name bracelet made with Swarovski pearls and crystals to one lucky winner. (A $25.00 value.)

That brings to total value of prizes to just under $500!

And from me and Buttercup:

Two winners will get to get their magic on with a plush princess wand from Celebrate Express!
Interested in adding a prize (or five?) to the list from your blog or online store? Email me at and I'll update the prize list daily through June 21, which, by the way, is the deadline to enter for the Blog Bash. I'll host a few separate contests as part of the fun, so make sure to visit often!

Here's Mr. Linky!

Stay tuned for Buttercup's Berrie Sweet Birthday Blog Bash!

I am very excited to announce a blog party to celebrate Buttercup turning the big ONE!
I am working on getting a button designed for my readers to link to, and trying to figure out Mr. Linky to get things going, so stay tuned!
The blog party will run from June 21-June 28 and feature some pretty snazzy reviews and contests and giveaways.
Thanks to my official sponsor, Go Baby, for helping me get things off the ground!

My sentiments, exactly

Who doesn't love jewelry? I know I do.
One of my absolute fave pieces is my Classic Mommy Necklace from Circle of Sentiments. The best-selling, hand-stamped, sterling silver disc is personalized with your child's name, and is a simple and versatile piece to pair with jeans and a tank or that little black dress for a night out on the town.
If you want an extra special touch, the Birthday Necklace includes an extra disc with your child's birthday. Have more than one child? It's simple to order additional discs to make sure everyone stays close to Mommy's heart.
Each Mommy Necklace includes a 16- or 18-inch sterling silver ball chain, and discs can accommodate up to seven letters (large discs can fit up to nine.)
My Circle of Sentiments Mommy Necklace is honestly one of the most worn pieces of jewelry in my collection. It's cute, simple, and beautifully sweet.
Get your own, or give one as a gift, with a generous 10 percent off for Berrie Sweet Picks readers, with discount code Circle 10!