Thursday, June 11

Berries and her family emergency

I can't get into many details, but I have gone AWOL on blogging here (and my other blogs) due to a major family emergency that has had me running around like crazy for the past two weeks and now packing for an unplanned trip to Detroit on Friday.

Buttercup's second birthday is the day I have to leave (she's staying here with her Abuela) and I feel horrible for having to run out on her special day, reschedule her birthday party, and plopping her in front of the TV (even if it was Noggin) to keep her occupied while I went nuts trying to handle the load of crazy I currently have on my plate.

I know I have contests to finish up and sponsors to contact in order to get prizes out, and I promise to do so as soon as humanly possible. As for reviews and contests that still need to be posted, I can only ask for patience and forgiveness from my sponsors for not having had a chance to get the posts online and properly publicize them.

I have every intention of seeing my product review responsibilities through, and am only asking for understanding from my readers. If I can take the laptop with me on the trip and sit down for five minutes, I promise to get the ball rolling again. Hopefully things will calm down enough by the time I land back in Tucson on June 17 so I can get back on track.

And thank you to everyone reading this in advance.

Tuesday, June 2

Why Berries is going (slightly) less crazy

Life in Berrie-land is unusually crazy right now. I've got family drama up the booty, a husband who is working so many hours I may as well be single, and no maid, nanny, ghost-writer, or clone to pick up any of the slack.

In fact, I'm sitting here at 9:45 p.m. wondering why the hell I am blogging instead of sweeping, swiffering, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, folding the laundry, or making the hubby his lunch for work tomorrow.

That's right, folks...when Buttercup goes to bed, Mommy clocks in.

But back to the reason I actually stopped trying to make my house look like less of a nightmare and decided to log in: Deadlines and Diapers, Berrie Sweet Picks, and The Celiac Kid will (hopefully soon) be no longer. Now, don't freak out! I know you need a daily dose of me to stay sane.


I'm not going anywhere...I'm just in the process of getting a new domain, switching over to wordpress, and combining all three blogs. Trying to keep up with three with any kind of regularity is a nightmare, and it just makes more sense to be able to sit down at one place and cover it all. Contest, reviews, life as a mommy to a Celiac Kid and wife to Celiac Dad, and everything else...


I feel so much better now that I have officially made the decision to stop going crazy!

So please be patient! I will try to keep posting on all blogs until the process is complete. Stay tuned for the new blog name!

(I'm also in the process of starting an entirely NEW and separate blog...but that is a new topic, a separate post, and just one more reason why I am a permanent resident in the mental ward.)