Saturday, October 11

Celebrate attachment parenting month and help students in need!

October is attachment parenting month, and I for one am excited to help spread the word about what I consider to be a wonderful parenting philosophy. I didn't come into motherhood with a book in hand and a check list of how I was going to raise my daughter via the AP methods; inastead, I did what came naturally to me like co-sleeping and baby wearing, and later realized I was "following" books and advice and doctors I had never read or heard of before.

But I have to say that even though Buttercup is in her own toddler bed now and our co-sleeping is becoming less and less (her call, not mine!), I am still so grateful for the chance to bond while baby wearing. I have tried many baby carriers over the past 16 months, and have been pleasantly surprised to find that there is at least one carrier (or wrap) out there to meet anyone's needs, tastes, and budgets. And this is where the Didymos Baby Sling comes in.

It's high-end in both quality and price (about $150 or so) and requires that you purchase mulitples in different sizes if you like variety in choosing the holds to wear your baby in. But it's been around since 1972, is extrememely secure around the baby with no bounce, and is absolutely gorgeous.

Other bonuses include the fact that the cotton used to weave the slings is 100 percent certified organic; the natural and color grown fabrics are not bleached, dyed, or chemically treated; and it can be washed at very high temps, making it a perfect fit for babies with allergies.

Now for the question of the say: What the heck do you do with a sling that costs boku bucks after Baby's done wuth it? Well, you might wonder what Moms everywhere are going to do with their baby slings and carriers after they are no longer needed, but you'll never have to worry about where to pack up your Didymos wraparound baby carrier after the baby has gotten too big to carry. While your child is light enough for you to carry comfortably, you can enjoy a special closeness and hands-free mobility with up to 10 different carries. Just be sure to get the correct size for your needs and body-type, as the different sizes are geared to work for certain ways to carry your baby. The one-shoulder carries, for example, take much less fabric than other carries, and require smaller wraps.

And after baby wearing time is over, this genius baby-carrier can be used as a hammock, scarf, comforter or swing and you can enjoy it for a lifetime. The Didymos is available at and

But before out go out ad buy one, why don't you try and win one her first? In honor of AP month, I'm offering one girly-themed Didymos in pink stripes to one lucky winner. It's a size 6, which is the longest size and one of the most versatile for use with newborns up to toddlers. I used it once for review, and then put it away months ago to save for a future promotion (like this one!) so the sling is new and the box is just a bit beat up. The entry rules are a bit different for this contest, though, so pay attention!

Anyone who donates $5 to my Blogger Challenge will be entered to win this beautiful sling. Just click on my Blogger Challenge widget on the top right sidebar, and choose the project you'd like to help fund and then leave me a comment letting me know you did so. This would make a great baby shower gift and is an awesome chance at getting a fantastic sling for next to nothing.

This contest is open through October 31, and internaional entries will be accepted. As always, the winner will have four days from the announcement date to contact me or an alternate will be chosen.

Thanks for your generosity and good luck!

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The One Minute Blogger said...

I love that it's attachment parenting month! I have been using a baby carrier and believe it has helped me be a better parent. To me, attachment parenting is simple parenting. My baby hardly cries and we go everywhere together!