Thursday, November 6

Who-whose favorite night lite is this?

I've never been one to stay on schedule (hence the work from home job), so I wasn't even going to attempt the impossible and try to get my kid on one. I'm sure it works great for other people, but for me it would actually create more work and less peace of mind.

But even without a schedule, I do like my little night-night routine with Buttercup. The classic "bath, book, bed" has worked like a charm since she was a little less than a year old, and I'm all about sticking with what works.

And after she has been tucked in and her iPod bedtime playlist has been turned up just loud enough in my iHome2Go to helo her drift off to sleep, I am also expected to press the little star on the Nocturnimals Owl's paw.

Just one press of the paw and the Nocturnimals Owl Night Light Slumber buddy lights up with the gentlest of soothing light shows I have ever witnessed. And with automatic shut-off after four-minutes, it's a great way for me to gauge the time I spend with Buttercup's fingers wrapped around mine until she finally falls asleep. (Did I press it 2 times? 4?)

Granted, the Nocturnimals Owl is not recommended for children under three, and I understand that it is not considered safe to put anything other than the baby in the crib. I also realize that children under three will most likley not be able to turn the Nocturnimal on by themselves, as the star "button" is rather small.

That being said, however, Buttercup didn't get her new buddy until she graduated herself to the toddler bed, and I'm the one doing the star searching when it comes time to get the glow show going. (And it really is a gentle glow and not some weird bulls-eye like you see in the photo.It's just the way it showed up with the flash from the blackberry camera. And yes, in case you are wondering, she did stay asleep.)

In either case, this is a great bed-time pal for kids to help ease fears of the dark. And it's a great way to light the way to the potty for those midnight trips! Ooooh-hello Christmas! Am I right???

The Nocturnimals Owl is available at Manhattan Toys for $22.00.


Tabitha Blue said...

So cute!! What a neat light... I want to get one for my little Baby Blue now. I'm sure she'd love it. :)

Pauline said...

This thing is awesome. And I forgot to mention this in the review, but i love that it doesn't play music. buttercup has a light up stuffed animal that plays music ad it terrifies her. So this was a nice, silent alternative.

Alexia said...

I have something like this except it's a raccoon and I love it (so does my 1 yo).