Sunday, July 13

The berrie best baby carrier...ever

My berrie sweet friend, Sara, is 19 weeks pregnant and just found out she is having a little girl. I am SOOOO thrilled for her, as I know she and her hubby (also a good friend) already have made this baby very lucky to have them as parents.

And I couldn't help but feel touched when Sara called me just a few days ago to ask for the names of those "baby-carrying things" I use. (Yay! Someone values my opinion!) It was cute, and I just love being able to help my friends get straight to the good stuff (read: skip all the crap I waded through to find said good stuff.)

Which brings me to the Ergo Baby/Child Infant Carrier .
Simply put-this things rocks. Even if you are not a die-hard baby-wearer (which I am), this carrier beats out anything else I have tried for all-day events like zoo trips or 6 mile hikes with 10-month-olds (yes, I did that with Buttercup!). And, as pictured above, my lil sis, Pati, has enjoyed a bit of Wii-time with Buttercup along for the ride.
And for those who do wear their babies like they'll never go out of style (like I do), this is little bit of mom-invented genius really is a lifesaver. Not only is it a truly hands-free carrier, it's well-constructed, and Buttercup loves being carried in it.

Since receiving it, I have taken the Ergobaby carrier everywhere with me. As Buttercup gets older, I let her tell me when she had had enough of the stroller and needs some Mommy/Ergo time. So when the arms reach up, the Ergo goes on, and Buttercup usually falls right asleep against me.

I also rely on the Ergobaby carrier for those days when I am home alone and Buttercup is having one of her infamous "Velcro-Baby" days. Without having the opportunity to strap her onto my back, the cooking and cleaning would never get done. Heck, I've even scrubbed the floors (that's right, scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees!) with Buttercup fast asleep on my back! How's that for hands-free baby-wearing?

But what about "insert-other-brand-name-here?" baby carriers that you see in the magazines or at the stores? And what about those carriers where your baby can face front? Aren't those just as good, you might ask?

Well, since I like to focus on the positive here, I will only say that the Ergobaby carrier is the one to buy. Sure, it's $105.00, but since it will take you from birth to about 45 pounds with ease, it's well-worth the money and then some. In fact, I would have not purchased a stroller before Buttercup's birth had I been smart enough to listen to all of my friends who have one!

Its ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for baby's hip, pelvis, and spine growth (read: cups baby's butt so their little legs aren't just dangling in the wind when they hang by their crotch), and balances baby's weight through the parent's hips and shoulders. I can honestly say that both Buttercup and I have been happy to be connected for hours at a time while putzing around the mall, the zoo, or neighborhood without a problem.

Now, I can't say anything about the infant insert since I have never tried it, but I do have the back pack and the front pouch accessories, which are wonderful ways to simplify your life even more when out and about with your little one. The backpack can be used independently or can be attached to the Ergo, and the front pouch also comes with a strap so you can use it as a purse. (and for the record, that infant insert is the first thingI am buying whenever the decision is made to open the baby-making factory again.)

And holy moly! I just found sucking pads available on the site! Guess what I'm ordering after my nex pay day thanks to Buttercup's love for eating the straps of the carrier while she's in it!?!?

See, inventor Karin Frost really did think of everything! So Sara, if you're still reading, I have the cranberry...and I love it.


Rachel said...

I might just have to give the Ergo a try. :) But I must say I am a big fan of my Peanut Shell.

Cuddle Cottage said...

The carrier sounds fab, it really does, but I have to tell you Buttercup looks priceless in her shades . . .

Pauline said...

I love that photo, Cuddle Cottage. She's like my little rock star. complete with pack mule, I mean, momma to carry her.

sara said...

Thanks for the good info and the birthday wishes! You are too sweet! I'm definitely going to be ordering one, just trying to wait a few more weeks to make sure things stabilize out a bit if you know what I mean. Very cool post!

Jennifer said...

Another vote here for the Ergo. I wish I had purchased it right from the start and skipped the other 3 (yes, that's correct, THREE) carriers I went through.