Thursday, September 11

Sling it on

The food in my shopping cart is organic, the milk I buy (all three kinds for me, Buttercup, and her Daddy!) are organic, all of Buttercup's baby food was homeade, and I'm going to start making my own household cleaning products. So where's that leave me on the eco-friendly scale with my baby carrier?

The Zolowear sling in Sustainable Hibiscus, Khaki, or Sable. is an eco-friendly option made from 100-percent certified organic cotton priced at a very reasonable $89.00. With a little help from the included instructional DVD you will soon be basking in the glory of a happy, snug, and secure baby held safe and close while you go about your daily businesses. You will be able to enjoy six hands-free carrying positions, and even breastfeed quite comfortably.

But your comfort depends on making sure the sling is positioned properly. Trust me on this; as comfortable as it is when you followed the instructions is as uncomfortable as it isn't when things are a bit off-kilter.

All slings are independently tested, made in the good-ol' U.S.A. and are recommended for toddlers up to about 40 pounds, which gives me plenty of time since Buttercup just topped the scales at 23 pounds. It's lightweight and gender-neutral, which might make it easier to get Dad to try it out for himself.

Every sling, be it silk, cotton, or Solarveil, has a zippered pocket on the tail for a diaper, your keys, or your sunglasses and the tail even acts as a cover for a nursing or sleeping baby. Just make sure to follow proper washing instructions for years of use. Oh, and lesson learned from me to you: hang dry this baby, 'cuz serious shrinkage can occur in the dryer.

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Yasmine said...

That looks really nice, different from any other kind i have seen!
I always said i wanted one of these, but i never did buy one, Maybe with my next baby ill look into these! I love the patterns! The jetsons and th rosie are so nice!