Monday, December 7

Have a Very SweetPea Christmas

Remember this review? We tried the SweetPea3 out about a year ago and have been in love with it ever since. Buttercup might still prefer to throw tantrums when I don't give her Mama's Zune, but why make myself a nervous wreck when I can hand her a toddler-proof mp3 player and breathe easy?

I am so in love with the concept that I recently purchased one for my girlfriend's daughter for her first birthday. Mom and Dad report that they will eventually let their little girl play with it since Dad is having too much fun testing it out.

If you saw the original review or are falling in love with the SweetPea3 now, listen up because I've got a chance for one lucky reader to win a SwetPea3 of their own, in their choice of color, just in time for Christmas! Mr. Dan Lemay, the creator of the SweetPea3, has recently posted a video on YouTube.

Check the video out and if you think that your mom, sister, best friend, or neighbor might be interested in learning about the SweetPea3, forward them the link. You receive one contest entry for every single time you forward this link on to someone else.

All I ask is that you 1) CC me on every single email you send at (berriesweet dot info at gmail dot com) in order for the entry to count and be sure that the email contains your online ID so I can connect the dots. Rest assured I will delete every single one upon completion of the contest and that this is just a way for me to make sure that the contest entries are fair and legitimate, and 2) Leave comments on this blog post! Leave one for every round of emails you send out. Leave one telling me why you adore the SweetPea3 you already own or why you think your niecve or nephew would go crazy if you won the contest!

The contest is open to anyone 18 years and older and is limited to those living in the United States and Canada. You've got one week to email the world and the sky's the limit on this contest because if you email 500 friends, you've got 500 entries. Contest ends at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on Dec. 14. Winner will be selected at random.

So get ready, get set, and win that SweetPea3!

Saturday, December 5

(Almost) goodbye

It's time for a sad announcement for me. I've been so busy trying to get my writing off the ground and concentrating on my writing-centric blogs that i've been neglecting to post here or to even attempt to find new and exciting items to review.
I have a few left to take care of contest and I'm going to take care of that and then call it a day.
Maybe I'll start this up again in a new format...I've got some ideas. But for now, this is (almost) goodbye on this blog.
It's been a great run!