Thursday, July 12

About Me


I'm a 30-year-old first-time mom to Buttercup and married since 2002 to the man I call SweetER. I've got a two dogs, named Finnigan and Cat (yes, you read that right), and enjoy the little things in life, like not having my hearing blown out by a shrieking toddler cutting six teeth at once.
The Real Deal

I'm a freelance writer by trade, and a new mom who got slapped with the reality stick when it comes to balancing a baby, work, and my sanity. In my former lives, I have worked in the newspaper industry as a lowly editorial assistant, a crazy-busy city editor, and as a regular ol' reporter.

Journalism was meant to be the paycheck that paid the bills until I published The Great (Mexican) American Novel. (I'll let you know when that happens.) But then Buttercup became my new life, and my paycheck sucked, so childcare was not really an option. That's when I decided to throw caution (and my regular income) to the wind and become a freelancer.

To date, I have written for The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, Baby Gooroo, and, of course, Metro Parent Magazine.

And what would be a more appropriate specialty than parenting, pregnancy, babies, and all the related topics therein?

It's tough, but I love it. Hey, it's what I know.

And for the record, I love working in my pajamas.

When I should be doing the laundry...

...I am here. Blogging. (SURPRISE!)

Thanks to connections forged through freelancing for Metro Parent Magazine, I have had the wonderful opportunity to review many products for mom, baby, and the rest of the family. And I must have been doing something right, because here I am now sharing my own berrie sweet picks with all of you.

Sweet? Sweet.

Now, on with the show.


robynl said...

I received my T-shirt that I won in Buttercups 1st Birthday bash and thank you so much for the party/contests and to Go Baby for the prize.

Yasmine said...

I was browsing around and read your about me. You used to write for the Detoit free press- thats pretty cool! when were you writing for them? i probably read your articles, i was always reading newspapers during school! Did you live in Michigan?

littlelatina said...

Great prize