Tuesday, November 25

Announcement: Kiss my face contest extended

It's bound to happen with all the contests and reviews I post here while the rest of the world is sleeping---I made a major boo-boo.

The funny thing is that no one else has caught it yet!

Remember this contest here? It's for the Kiss My Face kids' product line. One winner gets the whole kit and kaboodle!

Well, I just realized that the original post had no contest end date ( I know, right?) so I went back in and edited the post. The contest now officially ends at midnight, EST, on Nov. 30.

So get to it! Enter already!


Mommyhood is Thankless said...


haha I caught it, and meant to ask you but I forget things easily. I think breastfeeding sucked my brains out sometimes!

Erica said...


Have you announced the winner to this giveaway yet?? Just wondering cuz' I hope its me..lol :)