Saturday, May 31

Mad for my capz

I will be honest: I love baseball caps. Love them, love them, love them. And in the summer, you'll most likely find me wearing one, like, all the time. So of course, I need a little variety.
This is where Madcapz comes in. Crazy-creative Carrie, the mom-pranuer behind the sweet designs, decided that she needed to create her own variety after getting tired of sports teams and company logos she didn't care about on her head. So now, she sports the Madcapz she designs, which are a far cry from the normal "I borrowed it from my husband/boyfriend/found it in the back of the closet" look so many of us get stuck with when trying to mix a cute baseball cap in with our personal style. Instead, you get a fun fashion-statement and the sun protection you except from a made in the USA product!
But wait-there's more. (Sorry, it's late and I am now finding inspiration in infomercials.)
Madcapz offers a full line of capz for women, kids, and infants, as well as women's visors in berrie awesome patterns like Poppin' Pink, Midnight Moon, and Kitty Crowd. Check them out for yourself and be sure to come back here with a comment on your favorite design and style for a chance at your own Madcapz! And get this; the winner gets to pick their own capz for either themselves or their child.
As usual, you get an extra entry if you either write a post about this contest and then leave me a second comment with the link, or if you grab my blog button and plop it on your site. Just make sure to let me know you did that so I know to give you an extra entry.
Already have my button on your blog? Just let me know and after you visit the Madcapz site and leave me some comment love, you'll get two entries, just like that.
Be sure to check back because I'll be posting a discount code for Madcapz, too!
Contest ends at midnight (EST) on June 8.
So get read, set, comment!

Friday, May 30

Who's your Momma (of invention?)

So, how many times have you heard of a great new product and than smacked yourself in the face for not patenting the idea when you thought of it, like five years ago? Well, the folks at Whirlpool want you to know about their Mother of Invention contest. For those of you who read Deadlines and Diapers, I also postied this over there since I think this is such a great contest for Moms.
I've been a bit busy and not able to post about this immediately, but the contest began May 11 and runs through July 31, 2008.
Here are the details:
If you've got an idea for a business or invention but need help marketing it, this is definitely something you need to pay attention to! The Whirlpool Mother of Invention Grant can help you get from idea to reality with necessary business resources (like seed money and expert advice).
Now for the other kind of green.
*The Grand prize is $20,000 in grant money, choice of Whirlpool brand Duet Steam washer and dryer pair or Whirlpool brand Cabrico washer and Steam dryer, Whirlpool Brand dishwasher, and a stipend for a new home office.
*First Prize is a $7,000 grant, a Whirlpool brand dishwasher and Duet Sport pair.
*The Green Frist Prize is a $7,000 grant and Whirlpool brand refrigerator with water filtration.
*Second Prize is a $5,000 grant, a Whirlpool brand dishwasher and Duet Sport pair.
*The Green Second Prize is a $5,000 grant and a Whirlpool brand refrigerator with water filtration.
And it pays to go that extra mile for the Mother of Invention Contest. Those with a prototype, business plan, trademark or trademark pending will earn extra points for their entries!
Ideas will be judged on uniqueness in the marketplace, if it meets a consumer need, and if it could be a viable business, and more.
To enter and for official rules, click here!
Entries will be accepted through July 31, and winners will be notified around September 8, 2008.
Better get crackin'! I'm sure the competition is going to be fierce!

More to chew on

I thought that all of you who entered this contest might be interested to know that I just received an email from Smart Mom Jewelry offering a berrie sweet deal to BSP readers!
Here's the deal: Receive a free matching bangle at checkout with code S-FB. The offer's good through August 30, so tell all your friends dealing with the ...ahem!...joys of teething!

Thursday, May 29

It's a wrap!

How many times have you wished for an extra set of hands since the baby was born? Check out the Moby Wrap, the wish-come-true product for moms on-the-go who'd like to avoid the backache associated with many of the traditional baby carriers on the market.
This little gem was my first baby carrier and will always hold a fond place in my heart. It might have taken a while to get used to and a few practice tries with a stuffed animal to make sure I wouldn't drop Buttercup, but once I felt secure in what I was doing, it was pure love between me and my Moby. And the included directions were a cinch to follow.
Once you have the hang of it, your baby will be secure against your beating heart while you revel in the glory of being hands-free. (Trust me on this; it's a truly glorious feeling to be able to soothe a fussy baby WHILE getting the laundry folded. Talk about multi-tasking!)
Or maybe you'd like to try a day out on the town without a hefty stroller to maneuver in crowded stores? I'll be the first to tell you that it is not only possible, it's truly liberating. I can't tell you how many times we have gone out sans stroller and not missed it for even a second.
Best of all; the 100 percent cotton wrap goes from the washer to the dryer with the rest of the laundry. Pick your favorite color out of 13 available choices to match your personality or wardrobe (I happen to love the Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier.) It's affordable and will hold your baby from birth to 35 pounds, which makes it an even better deal in my book.You might even consider purchasing two, so you can always have one to wear while the others in the wash.

Tuesday, May 27

Biker (baby) chic

Let's just get right to the point. My lil' Buttercup is adorable. But, as it has been proven to me, it is entirely possible to make her even adorable-er. Note the following pictures of Buttercup with her Papa this past weekend:

See? Abso-freakin-lutely adorable-er than ever. I'd like to think it's the baby biker chic look she is sportin' here with her new duds from Baby Banz Sunglasses.
First off, we have the berrie sweet Baby Banz Wrapz in Pink Floral. Her heads just a wee bit small for it still, but that just means she'll get plenty of use out of my new fave baby accessory, which is now an official summer staple in my diaper bag.
Nothin' says "Cute and Dangerous" like this thing.
Then there are the ingenious Baby Banz in Pink Flamingo. Designed to be worn for kids 0-2 and 2-5 (Kids Banz), these little babies are great for keeping little eye's safe from dangerous UV rays. Just be prepared to stop and answer questions by interested and gushing parents!
So who wants their baby (read: child ages 0-5 years old) to look their adorable-est with some sweet duds of their own? the good people at Baby Banz are offering one Wrapz/Baby (or kid) Banz set to one lucky reader. Basically, you leave me a berrie (read: comment), I put names in a hat and let Buttercup draw, and the last one I fish out of her mouth that I can still read is the winner! (You get an extra entry if you can tell me why I wouldn't want to go with the first one I get out of said baby's mouth...seriously.)
One extra entry is also applicable to anyone who blogs about this contest and comes back to drop the link to the post. And if you don't feel like drawing undo attention to this particular contest, thereby flooding the contestant pool, you can get that extra entry by grabbing the HTML code for my button and adding it to your site! Just be sure to let me know you DID that, 'k?
Contest ends at midnight (EST) June 3, at which point I will put the winner in contact with Baby Banz to determine the size and colors of your choice.
Oh-and my lucky readers are also getting treated to a discount code from Baby Banz. Just enter code BSP10 at checkout for 10 percent off your order through June 30.

Sunday, May 25

Blog on, Momma!

Yes, I know. My blog designer rocks. Hardcore.
Check out Ruff Ruff Review and Deadlines and Diapers for examples of Shauna's rock-a-bility.
Jealous yet?
Well, if you want to be like me, and I know most people do, then enter a comment here telling me why your blog deserves a makeover. The basic rules are: 1) You must me a mom, and if you are reading this blog I am going to assume you are, and 2) You must have a blog. (duh)
So, in order to qualify for the contest and have your entry count, you must leave a comment telling me why your blog deserves the makeover. Note that this contest will not be random but will, in fact, be based on whose answer I like best.
Contest ends at midnight (EST) on May 31.
Sound fair enough? I think so.
Sweet! On with the contest!

Friday, May 23

Plenty of life in this diaper bag

I remember when I got pregnant that I was convinced one diaper bag would be enough for me.
But what I failed to consider was that the diaper bag would be replacing my purse, and since I am a big fan of alternating my purses, I'd be just as anxious to alternate the diaper bag.
And I did do just that, until my Hoohobbers tote bag arrived, anyway. It has since become my "go-to" diaper bag, and the only time we use anything else is when my husband is with me and knows he'll get stuck holding the bag.
What is the appeal to the Hoohobbers tote, you ask? And exactly why is it worth the $70+ price tag? Well, it's simplicity is the main attraction. It doesn't scream "DIAPER BAG" to everyone you pass on the street.
It's durable and won't yellow or crack, with the nylon bottom providing extra security for lugging around all of the kiddo's extras. And trust me when I say that just because it isn't loaded with tons of pockets that there isn't plenty of room to spare.
I have successfully packed a days worth of bottles, clothes, diapers, and a few toys for Buttercup when she was as young as four-months. And out of every bag I own, this one is the sure fire conversation starter when I am out with girlfriends. I also almost forgot to mention that the straps snap over stroller handles for added convenience.
It's super-easy to spot clean, and since it's 100 percent cotton, a toss in the wash is always safe.
The best part is that there is plenty of life after baby in this sweet lil' bag, so Momma can eventually add to her own collection.
Check out the Hoohobbers Designer Tote Diaper Bag China Doll
for a nice gender nuetral choice.
Interested in adding to your own collection? If so, I have one Hoohobbers tote diaper bag up for grabs for one lucky mom! You know the drill! Visit the Hoohobbers page and then leave me a berrie (read: comment) telling me what your fave pattern is. You can even get an extra entry if you write a post about this contest on your blog and then stop back here with the link. Contest ends at midnight on May 30.
Hoohobbers is also graciously offering Berrie Sweet Picks readers a discount code (BLG08) for 15 percent off your purchase through July 15. How sweet is that?

Thursday, May 22


Juice is the root of all evil, right? Not exactly.
Sure, when allowed to suck on sugar-laden beverages all day long, bad things (read: childhood obesity and cavities up the wazoo!) are major possibilities and it's not going to matter if the source of said sugar is natural or artificial.
But a happy medium can be found and Waddajuice can help you get there. Single dad Jordan Kerner came up with the idea of a healthier alternative to traditional juice choices when his kids refused to sip on anything else. After perfecting his new concoction, made of pure juice, purified water, and vitamins, all practically packaged in a spill-proof container, Waddajuice, a product from the Snapple line, was born.
Great flavor options like apple, grape, Lodda Berry Fruit and wild berry are tasty, low-sodium, low-carb options for kids and moms alike. Trust me on this. I don't give Buttercup too much in the juice category right now, but I always keep some Waddajuice in stock for when I want a juice-pick-me-up with minimal effects to my blood sugar.
Check it out at

Great shoes for little feet

It has been said time and time again: bare is best when it comes to your baby's feet. While we may all have had to deal with those nasty white atrocities of days gone by, our little ones' tootsies are mercifully happier in quality, soft-soled shoes like Robeez.
It goes without saying that the younger the baby, the less the need for any kind of shoe on the foot, but when it comes to keeping socks from slipping off or how to keep their teeny toes warm on cooler days, these shoes are the perfect option. And when it comes to learning how to stand, balance, and walk independently, pediatricians acrosss the board will tell you that if you must use a shoe to stick with a soft-sole so baby can get their walk on naturally.
Robeez are the cutest soft-soled leather baby shoe developed specifically to promote healthy, natural foot development. The thin sole allows baby to feel the ground through the shoe, which gives them a great grip and freedom of movement. Best of all, they dont fall off! (Buttercup's were perfect for her Halloween costume. Yes, of course, she was a princess.)
Still not convinced? What if I told you they were durable, washable, breathable, and skid-resistant? And of course, we all know babies can work some serious acrobatics with their feet in their mouths, but again, Robeez has you covered with leather tested for safety and free of harmful materials. Robeez come in a variety of adorable designs for both girls and boys from birth to the preschool years. Try them for yourself. Check out the adorable Robeez Infant/Toddler Mary Jane Slip-On.
I promise you'll be berrie pleased, indeed.

Tuesday, May 20

How to get the perfect pout

I love discovering new products and sharing them with the world. And LanoLip Lip Care SPF 15 Balm and Scrub 3-pc. Gift Set - Unscented
is definitely a berrie sweet pick worth sharing.
Inventor Miranda Coggins came up with the totally "duh" idea (as in "why didn't I think of this???) idea after trying traditional lip balms for years to soothe her chronically chapped lips. The idea came to light when she was nursing her daughter and was introduced to lanolin-based products. After trying the products on her lips and getting great results, she got to working on lip balm prototypes and within a year, the Lano Company was born.
How good is this stuff? Well, since I received it for review, it's the only stuff I've used. It isn't just a line when they tell you that Lanolip actually soothes, protects, and heals chapped and dry lips.
The best part is that since it locks in moisture, a little definitely goes a long way.
Made with medical grade lanolin, this sweet pick also includes jojoba oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil as key ingredients. Oh, and it's wax-free, so no nasty build-up!
Lanolip is available in dreamsicle, wintergreen, strawberry, unscented SPF 15, and strawberry SPF 15. And for only $4.99-$6.99 at Rite-aid stores, specialty spas and boutiques, it's a great way to get a perfect, no mess, pout.

***I've got one set of all four LanoLip varieties for one lucky reader. Just leave me a berrie (read: comment)on this post by midnight on May 27 and you're in! Want an extra entry? Blog about the contest and come back here to post the link!
Good luck!

Monday, May 19

Berrie Important Update!

I just got an email from Rachel over at my fave Honey Chunks online store, and I thought you all might appreciate this sweet little berrie (read: tidbit)!
For every $15 your spend at her store, you get an entry for a pair of free babylegs! she is giving away three pair on June 1!
How's that for sweet?

Sunday, May 18

Wear your baby all summer long

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of baby-wearing. Anything that makes MY life easier and keeps Buttercup happy is at the berrie top of my "I gotta have it" list.
Which brings me to the Dittany Baby Solarveil Pouch available at Honey Chunks. Anyone who is familiar with baby-wearing knows that anything that can be done can usually be done that much faster when your baby is safe, close, and happily attached. In my case, this includes showering! (And to spare you all, we are NOT posting a picure of that!)
This little wonder is also a must for the beach or a trip to the local water-park.
I'll admit that the material is a bit on the rough side and that I would never recommend the Dittany Baby for everyday use, but it is the perfect supplemental sling for water and summer-related usage. Added bonuses are the UV protection built right into the Solarveil material, which also happens to be quick-drying and berrie light-weight.
It's easy to use, easy to pack, and a berrie sweet summer pick.

It's Cool to Drool

Let's face it: baby stuff is cute but it doesn't usually do double duty as functional, too. And when you've got a baby cutting a bazillion teeth like Buttercup and her amazing 10 at 11 months, you get tired really quick at trying to keep their little neck dry from the non-stop amount of drool that seems to come with each and every tooth. So what do you do?
Regular bibs won't do the trick since they are only going to catch the drool that has already traveled down your baby's neck, but the super-cute Skibz is the master of all baby drool catchers.
Picture the old western cowboy bandana, but smaller and cuter on your baby in cool prints like Girly Whirly, Baby's Breathe, and Little Surfer. Designed to fit snugly under baby's neck, these things not only do the trick, they also compliment your baby's duds instead of covering them up. The berrie best part? They are all proudly made in the USA.

It's Uni-que

I love me some baby clothes, but I have to admit that ruffles and peter-pan collars can only be tolerated in small doses. And, might I ask, where is it written that baby girl clothes must have pink kittens and boy clothes get the blue puppies? I hate that!
That's why I flipped for Little Uni's simple, modern designs that seriously had me wishing they designed clothing for adults.
But since they don't, I'm perfectly happy to live vicariously through my Buttercup, who looked berrie freakin' adorable in the same set pictured in this post.
Little Uni offers non-ruffle adorned options such as the berrie fave long-sleeved tee with funky appliqued shapes like hippos, birds, and dogs (that also come in PINK, thank you berrie much!) that can be personalized with your little one's name.
This is definitely the way to spice up your baby’s wardrobe while still toning down the “goo-goo” factor. Sizes range from three months to four years. That’s plenty of time to drool over your baby’s clothes.

Chew on this

Since having Buttercup, I have learned a few simple truths:
1) Anything you plan (like peeing alone) will not happen according to your plan; it will happen when the baby lets it happen.
2) Sleep is now a rare commodity.
3) I am now, and forever shall be known as Buttercup's Mommy. My own name? Yeah, that doesn't matter anymore.
4) Jewelry is for idiots. After having Buttercup attempt to strangle me on more than one occasion with whatever necklace I had on, I had a "Ding! Ding!" moment and put it all away. At first I was sad (no more "pretties" for Berries!) but then I rediscovered happy when I found Teething Bling from Smart Mom Jewelry.
This genius, Mom-invented, made in the USA idea takes the best of two worlds, toys for baby and some bling for Momma, and combines them into one super smart, super safe, wearable teething toy that I swear looks like the real thing.
So real, in fact, that people on the street may even stop you and point-blank ask you why you are letting your child chew on stone. (No joke, it happened to me. My answer? I'm letting the baby sharpen her teeth.)

Anyway, with all the concern about toxic this and lead-based that, you can rest assured that this bling is safe for your precious one to chew away to their hearts content. It's high-quality, phthalate-free, food-safe, federally approved silicone, and even dish-washer safe, to boot.
Choose between coral, jade, moonstone, and mother-of-pearl colored options (and more!) in either a donut or heart shaped pendant. Matching bangles also are available, as well as chewable, heart-shaped key chains.
Pretty and smart, huh?
Want some bling for yourself? I have a key chain up for grabs for one berrie lucky mommy to help me celebrate the new blog! Just visit the Smart Mom website and let me know what your favorite color is and then leave me a berrie (read: comment) here. Earn an extra entry by blogging about this contest and stopping back by here with the link to the post.
Contest ends on May 25 at midnight (EST).
Good? Good.

Saturday, May 17

I'm 'Wiped!' What about You?

Call me crazy, but wanna make time to read a book? While I know that the phrases “time to read” and “I have a child” don’t necessarily go together, you might want to keep this one in the bathroom or in your gym bag for those little snatches of me-time you can snag here and there.

I certainly never thought I’d have the time to read this one myself (an entire magazine article in one sitting is my record since Buttercup has been born) but Wiped!: Life With a Pint-sized Dictator
by Rebecca Eckler was worth the berrie late nights after she fell asleep (and a few "bathroom breaks" while Sweeter took care of baby!)

I'll be the first to admit that the book might not be everyone’s cup of tea (just read some of the scathing reviews from readers on Amazon) but I was laughing my head off from page one.

In Wiped, Eckler takes us through her first few years of parenthood in her "We're not rich" life filled with nannies, Bugaboo strollers, porsches, postpartum depression inspired two-month long trips to Hawaii, and the old apartment she still rents "just because" even though she lives in a two-room condo with her fiance.

And while I found myself rolling my eyes when I read "We're not rich", (perhaps the author meant when compared to Paris Hilton???) I was able to look past that little lie (compared to Target, blue-light specials, and making my own baby food because its cheaper) and just enjoy the book for what it was: a blog-style novel written in such a way that anyone can relate (and laugh) with a new Mom learning the frustrations and joys that come with motherhood. She’s honest, witty, and hilariously sarcastic.

If you like my blog, you'll like her book. (Not that I dare to put myself in the same class as a published author!) But be warned, you'll have to be able to stomach plenty of "F" bombs along with the sarcasm.

Me? I drop them at home about as often as I read them in the book, so I was berrie much at home.


So have you read any good Mom-lit lately?