Monday, December 8

Sloppy Baby = functional fashion

Anyone who knows me knows how sentimental I am. I've got my Curious George stuffed animal from my baptism; my baby shoes, dresses from Mexico I wore as a child, and the beautiful blankets my grandmother made for me.

And one day, I'll pass it all on to Buttercup. I would, however, like to include a few things that were "just for her" in her little hope chest of memories to look back on one day, and the gorgeously soft blanket and adorable matching burp cloth and bib set we just received from Sloppy Baby are definitely being saved.

Sloppy Baby designs and produces their line of baby gear for the-well, sloppiest-of babies and the hippest, coolest moms--like us (who happen to love machine-washable stuff!)

I have to admit that this one was a very pleasant surprise for me. I mean, I knew that Sloppy Baby was sending us a gift set to review, but not until I melted in comfort when I rubbed the luxe fabric blanket against my face and caress the satin-edge, did I realize how truly special this product line is.

Anyone can make a blanket for a baby or a toddler. But sloppy baby has done more; they've made a little bit of baby bliss that is big enough to cover a smaller baby and small enough for the bigger ones to drag around as their lovies. Dimensions are just 21 " x 21".

And the matching bib/burp cloth set? Yay for that! Now I finally have a bib worthy of covering up her special occassion and holiday outfits that I'm proud to have included in family photographs. And their functional, too. With a 100 percent cotton exterior that is lined with fleece for extra absorbency and the option to reverse it for a new look, it's a great Christmas gift idea for the new baby or new mom in your life.

We received the beautiful Samantha Deluxe Gift set, and I love the chocolate and pink color combination. And best of all, it's all made in the USA.
$68 for gift set.

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