Tuesday, December 2

The Tuesday Ten: Madcapz's Carrie Bell

After a marathon blogging day, I realized it was time for another Tuesday Ten! Today's interview is with Carrie Bell, President and Owner of the berrie sweet Madcapz company. Read on to learn more about the woman behind the baseball capz with a lot of ladylike flair!

Q.: So tell me a little about your company and the inspiration behind it.
A.: Madcapz is really a labor of love.
A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease (an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid, which in turn affects every other part of you). The only exercise I could handle was going for walks and I always reached for one of my husband's baseball caps because I was losing my hair (another symptom of Grave's Disease). But wearing a man's baseball cap with a sports team logo or company logo just didn't do it for me. So, I began my search for a feminine stylish baseball cap that I could enjoy wearing, would make me look great, and feel fabulous!
My search for this colorful fun women's baseball cap became an obsession with me: I scoured the malls, catalogs, and the Internet - all in vain. Finally, I decide to make one myself.
My friends loved the prototype cap. When my daughter said she wanted one I knew I was on to something. Madcapz was born!

Q.: So many good ideas never get past the idea phase...how did you make your business a reality?
A.: I just kept thinking that if I would wear a fun colorful baseball cap, others would too. And so I made a prototype and showed it around to friends and family who were all enthusiastic about it. That gave me the encouragement I needed to try and make this into a business. What followed was lots of research and work in finding the right resources - fabric houses, US factory to make the caps, and a website for selling them. I started out with just women's caps and now Madcapz are available in women's visors and kids' caps too!

Q.: What's the nitty-gritty on you? Come on! I want age, rank, and serial number!
A.: Do I have to start with age? Well, I'm turning the big 50 in a few weeks (gasp, sigh, yea! ha!). I live in Larchmont, NY and have two great kids, (my son is 15 and my daughter is 12), a very supportive husband, and very dear friends. When I'm not working on Madcapz (when is that?) I enjoy reading, hiking, cooking (and eating), and doing anything/everything with my family. Oh, yeah, and I have no previous experience running a business. I was a management consultant a long, long time ago.

Q.: Who's the brains behind the operation?
A.: I don't think it's brains as much as perseverance. Also, my husband is my biggest fan and strongest supporter - and that helps immensely!
Q.: What's your funniest mommyhood memory to date?
A.: My kids are 12 and 15 so I have volumes of funny memories, no one memory stands out. But let me just say here (because I can't find any other place in this interview to put this) that I think one of the most important ingredients in life, be it dealing with family stuff or work stuff, is to have a sense of humor. And, believe me, there are days when it's been hard for me to find the humor, but being able to laugh at life helps get you through it!

Q.: Glass half empty or half full? Or can you not tell because it already got spilled by one of the kids?
A.: At heart, I'm an optimist - so glass is half full. Although I do have days when I have to remind myself of that.

Q.: Secrets to success? Tips for making it through to tomorrow with our sanity intact? (read: how did you do it?)
A.: Keep plugging away. When life seems overwhelming I try to accomplish just one thing and often that gives me the boost I need to keep going. And stay positive about the business, even though it may not always be easy. Believing in what you are doing and believing that you can accomplish your goals is so important to success!

Q.: Sneaky chef or eat-those-veggies-now! What's your parenting style?
A.: When my kids were little I used to put veggies and fruit on their plates, whether they ate them or not. Eventually they tried them, sometimes it was a hit and sometimes not so much. But their tastes change over time (still are changing) so it's important to continually offer them different foods. Now my kids eat pretty much everything.

Q.: What's on the menu for dinner tonight? (and can I come over?)
A.: Grilled rib eyes, double stuffed potatoes (kids love them) and salad (with my husband's homemade dressing!)

Q.: Where can my readers find you online?
A.: http://www.madcapz.net/. come check out my fun unique Madcapz. Visitors from Berrie Sweet Picks get a 20% off discount if you use "berrie" in the coupon code. Good until Dec. 14!

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