Wednesday, December 10

A new boon in sweet toys

You all know I love me some boon, right? I swear that my blog is sometimes a continuous commercial for their stuff, but I can't help it: nine times out of ten, it's just awesome stuff!

And here's a secret: It's about to get even awesom-er....and yes, I have declared "awesome-er" as the official word of the day.

I just got word that boon is offering a sneak peak on their new bath products which, by the way, are so new that they aren't even on the boon site yet! Check out the boon Facebook group and tell me what you think of the new goodies!


nanja said...

The new bath toys look like fun!

Anonymous said...

What fun toys! Can't wait until they're up for sale!

Reiza said...

I had no idea they had a Facebook group. Wow.

I wish they made those scrubbing egg looking toys so that the kids could learn to scrub not themselves, but the tub. I could use some help. :-)

I'm thrilled to see their toys are safe. We had to throw out a bunch of bath toys that were recalled. That did not make for happy kids.

Pauline said...

Reiza, I joined the boon facebook group and love it. Now I am uploading vlog reviews of their stuff, and sharing Buttercup's boon experiences with the group. It's a lot of fun. and the group is pretty new! sign up already!