Monday, December 15

Chico bags=chic green

I am not the greenest of mommies, but I do try! Since Buttercup has been born, I have started adopting new habits to set a good example, such as not running the faucet while I brush my teeth, recycling, and making sure all lights are turned off when I exit a room.

I also started using reusable shopping bags once I learned how bad plastic bags are for the environment. Sure, I'm human, and sometimes I rush into the grocery store for a few quick things with the big reusables I got from Ikea left in the back of my mini-van, so I decided to look for a more Pauline-proof way to keep my green-streak going while shopping. ;)

Why use Chicobags?
One reason is the genius carabener clip that allows for attaching to diaper bags, purses and belt loops. Never shop without your chico again!
Two: They are great for the environment by reducing waste.
Three: It doesn't happen in Michigan, but I hear that some stores offer a credit on your shopping bill for being good to our planet.
Four: They are just cool looking and come in a variety of colors to match your mood!
Five: You can get your for only $4.95 per bag with FREE SHIPPING from Honeychunks!
So really, what's stopping you? Get a chico!

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Anonymous said...

I’ll freely admit that I don’t know exactly when the Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull came out. I remember it was still hotly anticipated the last time. and sometime between then and now, it showed up on eLuxury as a new arrival. And you know what? I love it. It’s not as obvious as Louis Vuitton’s monogram version, but it’s still insanely practical, simple, and chic. It’s a big that can be used year-round for years to come, and in an uncertain economy, longevity of a bag’s design is something that’s on the minds of more and more people. We all know that Vuitton’s canvas wears like few other materials, and a bicolor material like Damier can be paired with a variety of clothing choices. For maximum versatility, I’d go with the MM - not too big, not too small, perfect for lots of uses.