Sunday, December 21

Go eco-friendly when fighting your cold

It happens every time: Buttercup gets sick and I just bide time until I get whatever little germs she is carrying passed on to me and then end up with a worse cold than she had.

But now I've got a little extra-something in my mommy-arsenal to help get me back on track sooner (since we all know that the world does not stop spinning for sick moms, although I really think it should.)

I had the opportunity to try Cold-Eeze zinc lozenges, which are clinically proven to help reduce the duration and severity of a cold by 42 percent (or within three to four days). It's the Zinc itself that helps get your immune system boosted, and it also gets your system an extra kick in helping fight infections.

But don't make the mistake like I did of waiting for a full-fledged cold hitting you before giving these a try. My sister had much better results when she started the COLD-EEZE lozenges as soon as she felt her cold coming on. She just followed the directions and took a lozenge every two-to-four hours, and she cleared her cold much faster than I did (and didn't have to call in sick to work!)

As for me, I sat at home on the couch popping Organix Cough and Sore Throat Drops like they were going out of style. And even though I would have gladly forced down anything to get rid of my cough and soothe my throat, I liked the taste of these cough drops. I also like that they are the first over-the-counter cough and sore throat drops that are Certified Organic.

Try them out for yourself the next time a cold gets the better of you. Organix are available in Organix is available in Dark Chocolate Mint flavor, Purely Peppermint, Orchard Cherry and Golden Honey Lemon.

Oh, and eco-friendly bonus alert: Even the twist wraps of each lozenge is made from fully compostable corn starch! How's that for sweet?


Reiza said...

Oh wow, I had no idea you could find these Certified Organic. My sister has been coughing up a storm. Maybe I'll include a box with her holiday gift. :-)

I usually can't stand the taste of lozenges, but the peppermint and the Dark Chocolate Mint sound great.

My mom swears by zinc lozenges. She insists they really help if you take them right away. I think I'm going to look for these next time we go shopping. Thanks.

Terra Jones said...

These work great!!! :) I've used them for my past two colds...(thanks to my son & his sunday school class, I'm using them again, lol)