Sunday, December 7

PKRS: Rocking it out for the Holidays

I want to be a little kid again. In a princess gown, bopping to the funky beat at a PKRS concert, to be precise. (But I'd settle for a PKRS concert in town so I could take Buttercup and pretend to be enjoying the music solely for her benefit.)
For those of you wondering what I am rambling about, PKRS is short for Princess Katie and Racer Steve, the coolest, hippest, funkiest, swingiest (it's a word, least for this blog post), sweetest kid rock band in the history of rock bands with princesses and race car drivers who happen to, in a word, rock.
Buttercup and I got to check out their Fast & Feisty CD a while back, and I am not ashamed to admit that I "Woot Woot"-ed with glee when I opened the most recent delivery, containing the "Princess Katie & Racer Steve Live! Revved Up & Ready to Rock" DVD! I was wearing my last clean shirt, the dishes were about to topple out of the sink, and my vaccuum was wondering when, if ever, it was going to feel useful again, but I forgot about all of it and immediately swooped Buttercup up and ran to the TV with the PKRS DVD in hand.
And wow.
You've got drop-dead incredible singing. real musicianship dressed up in whimsical and fun costumes that appeal to their fan-base, tons of laughs, and enough audience participation to make me feel like we were really there.
We LOVED the live concert DVD, and Buttercup (who happens to be a princess in training) certainly had her share of bopping in her 18-mth-old-signature style while Mommy sang along to most of the songs and danced alongside her.
If you are wondering what to get your kids or are searching for a stocking stuffer, I really, really, REALLY recommend this DVD. Even if it is your first introduction to the rockin' world of PKRS, you will not be disappointed. Instead, you and your kids will be coming back for more.
Because until we get a chance at a live, in-the-flesh, PKRS concert, Buttercup and I will be wearing this DVD out.
Oh, and before I forget, stop by and check out Princess Katie's blog!

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