Monday, December 1

"I Love Chanukah!" CD review

Buttercup and I recently had the opportunity to listen to a brand new CD from New Jersey-based Doni Zsloff (aka Mama Doni). Her holiday release "I Love Chanukah" includes the songs "Latke Man," "The Funky Gold Menorah," "La Vida Driedel," and "You say Hanukah, I say Chanukah."

Doni Zasloff Thomas is a talented and hip mother of two young children, who didn't get involved in children's music until her kids' school asked her to take a position as a music teacher. Wanting to share her love of Jewish culture in a fun and cool way with the children she was now teaching, Doni started writing and recording her own music.

The result was her first musical release entitled "I Love Herring (and other fish shticks for kids)"

It's a great combination of hip Jewish sensibility and a variety of musical styles that her audiences love. Although her music will especially appreciated by those with an understanding of Jewish and Yiddish culture, its universal appeal will get kids and adults of all backgrounds bopping to the music!

You can check out her website here, but be warned that the kids better be awake (or the volume better be muted on your laptop) because the music starts right up as soon as the page is loaded.
That's really my only complaint, as I know plenty of us moms who like to shop online when the kids are sleeping aren't fans of sites that just throw the music out there without giving us any warning. Luckily, I was checking out the Mama Doni site when Buttercup was wide awake, and my little music lover danced and danced, a smile on her face the whole time.

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