Tuesday, October 7


Holy wow, bloggy peeps!
I just found out I was nominated for two categories in the Bloggers Choice Awards How cool is that?
So here's the deal: I'm a late entry as winners will be announced on October 16, so I need all of you who love this blog, my mad writing skillz, and my reviews and contests to go here and VOTE FOR BERRIES!
Come on! It's an election year! Get in the spirit and make me look good!


laura said...

Ok, I can't lie... That was a bit involved, since you have to signup, but you got my vote (in both categories)! Yay!! Good luck. Was fun to browse through and see who is currently top in each category.

Pauline said...

thanks! I appreciate it a whole lot! sorry for the involved process! but thanks for the support!

Yasmine said...

i voted for you!!
good luck<3