Wednesday, October 29

Bath time just got easier

I love reviewing products, but hate when I learn about something too late! I recently reviewed Palm-Palms Baby Bath Grips and was just wishing like crazy I had known about these when Buttercup was smaller, wigglier, and so much more breakable than she is now.

The premise is just genius: Instead of juggling with a squirmy and slimy infant while trying to manage actually giving them a proper bath, Palm-Palms allow for a non-slippery and totally stress-free bath experience.

They are easy to put on and quite like finger-less gloves, and once in place these terry-cloth gloves do double duty by acting as your wash cloth and creating a non-slip surface to stabilize your infant.

Once bath time is over, just slip them off and leave them to dry for the next evening. Palm-Palms are available in blue, white, and pink and retail for $9.99 per pair.

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