Thursday, October 23

Baby's got a bumbo

With bouncy seats and swings and playmates cluttering your home, it's probably a given that you don't believe you need another sitting device. I'm here to change your mind.

As soon as your baby can hold their head up on their own, usually at about two to three months, he or she is ready for the chance to actually sit up like a "big kid" and enjoy their expanding worlds from a whole new perspective. It sounds simplistic, but I remember Buttercup absolutely loving her new vantage point when she was placed in the Bumbo for the first time.

Made from a single piece of low-density foam material, this little wonder is lightweight and totally portable. Take it to the park, the family's for dinner, or simply move it from nursery to living room so your baby can interact with the family.

The Bumbo is hygienic and non-toxic and secures your child in a snug and cozy, upright position. It's simple to use, with no fasteners or belts. Just be sure to use common sense and follow the safety precautions (like never using on raised or uneven surfaces. And ALWAYS stay within reach.) Add the optional tray and you now have another option on where to feed Baby. I loved the chance to sit on the floor and R-E-L-A-X while feeding Buttercup while she enjoyed her "big girl" time in the Bumbo. (The photo is from September of 2007, so talk about a little trip down memory lane!)

Once you see your baby's face light up the moment you place them in their Bumbo, you'll be wondering what to do with the bouncy seat you never use anymore. $39.95 or $49.90 with tray.

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elisa said...

I got a Bumbo when my child was born and despite I found it a very intelligent idea he never really used it when he was tiny. Now that he is nearly two he uses it as a chair and fun toy! I'll see if my next one is going to use it more for its original purpose! nice blog ciao