Saturday, October 18

Snug as a bug for Halloween

It doesn't matter where you live: Fall means colder weather for everyone. And winter in the Midwest means it's pretty much time to pull out the parkas.

I distinctly remember everyone telling me that I would need one of those little snow-bunting thingies for Buttercup to get us through the winter. After all, if I was bundled up from head to toe (thanks to said parka) then she should be, too, right?

Well, yes...and no.

See, I do the baby-wearing thing and with all of the no-fuss that I love about not having to worry about a stroller when I can just pop her in and out of my carriers, I really didn't want to make life harder by involving a bunting that I was going to have to put on and take off each time I got her in or out of my carrier.

That, and I really am not a patient person. So I was not interested in spending 20 minutes bundling her up to have to just reverse the whole process five minutes later when we arrived at our destination.

And heck-before we even get to the snowy stuff, what was I going to do on Halloween? She was only 4 months old for her first one and I got the most adorable tu-tu for her to wear, so did I really want to cover that up with a bulky coat?

Of course not!

And of course, that's wear my Snugabug Warmsie same in. This little cutie takes the place of the standard onsie for the colder months, wicking away moisture and keeping baby warm with a comfortable thermal base layer of 100 percent TempRite polyester. The $36 price covers the Warmsie onsie and pants, made of a solid body and cute (and practical)contrasting ankle and wrist bands to keep the warmth in. Best of all, the roomy seat was made with Baby's diaper in mind (and you all know that Buttercup wears cloth!)

But don't stop reading if your kids are past toddlerhood. Snugabug just expanded their product line to include the Snugz sizes from 3-10. They have also introduced their White Warmth line, a basic choice in white, perfect for layering under anything, anytime. Prices range from $30 for an infant toddler set to $22-$24 for individual kids' pieces.

This is definitely one product I highly recommend for parka-free trick-or-treating, and every other fave outdoor activity from trips to the apple orchard to building snow men.

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