Friday, October 3

Pediped Original: Tip Top for Baby

Before Buttercup was born, I had no one else to direct my shoe fetish upon but myself.

Since she's been around, though, I have only bought myself shoes when I needed them--GASP!!!-- and redirected my little shoe habit to Buttercup and her sweet little baby feet.

That's where her Pediped Originals in Giselle Brown Dot come in. Tip Top Shoes was kind enough to send us a pair to try out, and we were more than happy to give these cuties a go.

And the verdict?

Well, Buttercup tells me they are worth every penny of the $32 retail price because they're pretty and match almost every outfit she owns and they are so comfortable that she never wants to take them off. She also likes that she can wear them indoors and out and the easy on/easy off velcro tabs.

Yep, she told me all that when she brought the shoes right back to me and sat down with her feet out in front of her ready to put the Pedipeds back on...all within a minute of taking them off.

Soft-soled shoes are what's recommended to help support proper development for our children's growing feet, so why not do what's best with style? There are various styles for both boys and girls, so have fun virtual window shopping!

And thanks to Tip Top Shoes!

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Angel said...

Butterfly is also very partial to pedipeds. They are the only ones that she leaves on her feet.