Tuesday, October 14

The Tuesday Ten: Fuzzi Bunz's Tereson Dupuy

I heart my FuzziBunz, and made sure to tell the world about my obsession with these berrie sweet pocket diapers here. Now, I get the pleasure of introducing you all to mom-pranuer extraordinaire, Tereson Dupuy, CEO of Mother of Eden and Inventor of FuzziBunz in this week's Tuesday Ten interview.

And before we get on with the interview, I just have to comment on what an awesome family photo this is of Tereson and her kids!

Now, on with the interview!

Q.: So tell me a little about your company or product and the inspiration behind it.
A.: I invented FuzziBunz diapers in an effort to help my newborn son, Eden, feel better. At the time, Eden had horrible diaper rash and disposable diapers were not an option because the chemicals irritated his bottom. And the cloth diapers on the market at the time were a major disappointment because they were wet and soggy against his skin (not to mention hard - and icky - to care for). I remember thinking that I could do better than this. And that is how FuzziBunz diapers were born!

Q.: What's your favorite part of owning your business?
A.: I love the flexibility that my job affords me. I am free to work when I want (mostly), spend time with my children at my leisure, expose my kids to different experiences and I get great personal gratification with having done something that is loved by so many parents all over the world.

Q.: What's the nitty-gritty on you!?? Come on! I want age, rank, and serial number!
A.: I am 38 years young. I'm a single mom and have three kids. I love to travel, scuba dive, sail, hike and do anything outdoors. I love being able to have it all - great kids, great job, great life. I am truly blessed. My rank, well, maybe Super Woman - lol.

Q.: Glass half empty of half full? Or can you not tell because it already got spilled by one of the kids?
A.: My glass is full to the top and ready to spill over. Every opportunity is an opportunity for growth. My outlook on life is that every opportunity is positive, even if it doesn't feel that way at the time.

Q.: Secrets to success? Tips for making it through to tomorrow with our sanity intact? (read: how did you do it?)
A.: My motto: Always be seen smiling. Smile often, laugh even more. Even when it is hard. Never ever quit.

Q.: Why do you think your products hit home with moms and families??
A.: FuzziBunz diapers work hard and deliver on their promises - any mom can appreciate that. Also, FuzziBunz are mom-invented - some of the best baby products have a mom behind it and FuzziBunz is no different.

Q.: The best part of being a mom? And what's the hardest?
A.: The best part is being able to mold my children into responsible, fun, ambitious humans by leading by my example. The hardest is striking that balance between being a dedicated single mother, entrepreneur and self-fulfilled woman.

Q.: Sneaky chef or eat-those-veggies-now! What's your parenting style?
A.: Each of my children are unique and has different needs so catering to their own specific person is what is important. It's a challenge at times but a challenge I feel well worth it in the long run.

Q.: What's on the menu for dinner tonight? (and can I come over?)
A.: Sauteed Rib eyes with brandy sauce. No kidding. When I cook I really cook. Otherwise I cook in bulk and we do once a month cooking, healthy meals. But the fresh stuff is outstanding.

Q.: Where can my readers find you online?
A.: www.fuzzibunz.com and at my blog at www.thegreendiaperqueen.com.


Fuzzi Bunz Dad said...

I enjoyed your interview with the CEO that oversees the Fuzzi Bunz diaper line. As a dad, I really appreciate the fact that they are easy to use, and that they perform their job well.

Pauline said...

Thanks! I think it's great that you are cloth-diapering. So many dads are afraid of it.
I am glad I was able to share this interview, and after the holidays have passed, hope to return to my regular schedule of Tuesday Tens!