Wednesday, October 29

Don't buy it. Make it!

There's nothing like waiting until the last minute, is there? I'm the Queen of Procrastination land, so I kknow what it's like to wake up one day and realize that Halloween is the day after tomorrow and I have yet to get a costume! (Okay, so I already have one, but only because my mother remembered that I'm an idiot and saved my sorry butt.)

So what do you do if Grandma can't bail you out with the kids in time for trick-or-treating? What if you are sick to death of your kid having the exct same costume as every other little goblin on the street? Or what if the economy sucks and money is tight and a brand new, over-priced costume just isn't in the budget? (Hey, I'm just sayin'.) That's where You Can Make This comes to the proverbial rescue. is the brain-child of founder Kim Christopherson, and features nearly 700 downloadable eBooks, many by everday moms, providing easy, thrifty, and unique "do-it-yourself" guides with downloadable patterns. Just choose one of the 34 available categories, decide on your favorite project, click, pay, and download. Easy, huh?

I was lucky enough to check out three eBooks from and am so wishing my mother had decided not to be considerate this year. This stuff is just too cute and I'm certainly planning on taking advantage of my downloaded eBooks in the future, that's for sure!

The "Too Cute to Spook" outfit is just one example of an outfit that can be made for under $10. Just grab an existing pair of jeans or denim skirt and a T-shirt and add a few minimal details, and boom! Instant costume with flair. Nice.

Or make a kickin' fancy filled Halloween tutu, complete with rose petals or "pirate treasure," or even confetti! You Can Make This also offers ideas for Halloween party treat bags with their "Treat Topperz" for only $1.99. And of course, there are also the 18 "too Cute to Spook" Halloween applique patterns available in one eBook for just $7.95. It's perfect for trick-or-treating totes, fun T-shirts, or anything else you want to "spook" up!

Now, I normally run my contests for at least a week, but considering Halloween would be over by then, We're doing something a bit different today, so pay attention. Three lucky winners will get their choice of eBook sent to them by You Can Make This! You've got SIXTY MINUTES to check out the site and leave me a comment with the eBook you'd like to win and why. If you are on Twitter, you get one extra entry for sending out a tweet with the contest link! Oh, and as always, all entries must contain a valid email address to qualify. Contest ends at 5 p.m. EST!

Okay, peoples. The clock is tickin'. Ready? Set? Go!


Katharos said...

Ultra-Tiered Twirl Tee Dress- Sizes 2T-8

My daughter is in a total dress phase and I'm running out of cute/affordable/creative options!

Katharos said...

Forgot to include an email
kokanary (at) gmail (dot) com said...

A girl can never have enough tutus - so I would love to learn how to make one! The 'Fun-filled TuTu' eBook for me, please :)

I tweeted about it.

Emily said...

What a cool site! I waaaaannnnttt...


Now that I am entered, I'll re-tweet. I didn't want to waste time!

emily @ yarnmiracle . com

Susan said...

I would love to have Preppy Pigtails Boutique's Head to Toe eBook because those jeans look like an method that I could apply to lots of things and my friend's little girl would look adorable in those hair bows if I could learn to make them.


Mommyhood is Thankless said...

Is what I would love to win!


Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I tweeted!

Username: wastebasket


shari said...

Sewing Made Simple - Great for my daughter.

shari at fastcuts dot tv

And I'll tweet as well.

Emily said...

I mean Fancy Filled TuTus. I was struck with illiteracy. You don't have to show this second comment to anyone, I was just poking around and realized that i got it wrong.

Katharos said...

I tweeted about it!

Baba said...

Double Ruffled Twirl Skirt is great!

And the Chic Mommy Diaper Bag.

So hard to pick just one.