Wednesday, September 3

How sweet it is

Whether you cloth diaper your baby or find yourself wishing for a clean rag to wipe your child's dirty hands off at the park, reusable baby wipes might just be what you are looking for. With a variety of eye-catching designs and your choice of fabrics to choose from, there is bound to be something to match you and your child's style. Want something to match your little darlings nursery or bedroom set? Honey Chunks owner Rachel Mayer will customize a pattern or design to compliment your look. But if you're gonna go green to protect the environment and reduce waste with reusable wipes, you can't get very far in cleaning up without the Honey Chunks Foaming Cleanser created by Mayer. The all-natural foamy organic mix is all hand-made by Mayer. Simply squirt to moisten the wipe (it smells heavenly!), clean baby up, and toss the wipe in the wash!

I've been using this stuff for Buttercup when she was just a few months old and am beyond hooked! Plus, I love that I'm supporting a WAHM (read: work at home mom) and not contributing to the coporate bottom dollar.

At just $6.99 for a Honey Chunks Foaming Cleanser and $1.25 per handmade wipe, the upfront cost is off-set by the savings you will no longer be throwing away.

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