Wednesday, September 24

Me & my Mimobot

I am not a techno geek by any means and my computer knowledge extends to the point of what I need to email, word, blogger, iTunes, Twitter. And life is grand.

But I'm married to a self-professed computer geek, so some of that is bound to rub off after a few years, no? Hence my drooling-with-excitement reaction to the Star Wars edition of the cult-classic designer USB flash drives from Mimobots.

Haven't heard of them yet? Don't worry, you'll want one when by the time you finish reading this.

Who wants a plain ol' USB when you can have one of these? They're freakin' C-O-O-L, attach to your keychain, and can store between 1G and 8G of info.

When I was asked what series I wanted to check out, I hemmed and hawed over the various designs like the Super Malfi, Fu, Pupstar, or the Fairybit. I'm all about the girlie-stuff, and these are all way cute, but I decided to take the high road and request Star Wars for Sweeter.

Mimobot sent us the C-3PO and Boba Fett, and when they arrived, Sweeter gave me the man-happy version of squealing with excitement when he stopped so I could hand him the package, looking and then proceeding downstairs to place them on the shelf next to the rest of his unopened Star Wars collector items.

And in man-speak, that prety much means he's thrilled with his new toy.

If you're interested in one of the Star Wars characters for yourself, your kid, your friend, your grandmother, or your man, I'd highly suggest getting one while you can; with limited editions and sold out R2-D2's, the force ain't gonna help you if you wait too long to make up your mind! Prices for Mimobots range from $34.95 to $104.95, depending on series and storage capacity.

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