Sunday, September 21

Have baby, will go biking

The sky is blue.

The sun is yellow.

Birds have feathers.

And I'm the most indecisive being ever to exist in the universe.

Seriously. You can ask anyone I know! Sweeter (the hubby) has a rule when we go out to eat that once i make up my mind, I must hand over the menu. If I do not, he takes it. This prevents me from changing my mind 37 times and then wishing that I got the menu item that caught my eye to begin with.

The sad thing is that it you can only imagine how long it took for me to decide on a bike trailor for me and Buttercup. It really wasn't pretty. But after researching and comparing and buying and returning two, I finally found my perfect Kidarooz Bike Trailor.

I love biking in the early fall when the humidity is gone and that little bit of chill is just beginning to cool the wind. So why do I love my Kadarooz?

It's got a great, integrated weather cover, a safe and low center of gavity, is easy to attach (ON MY OWN!!!!), fits one or two kids, has protective bumpers, AND even has extra COVERED storage space in the back. And that last one pretty much sold me since I like to bike to the grocery store and farmer's market and want what I bought to make it home with me!

I got mine from Costco for $159.00 and definitely think it has the biggest bang for the buck. Keep your eyes peeled for one if you're in the market, and enjoy the ride.

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