Saturday, May 31

Mad for my capz

I will be honest: I love baseball caps. Love them, love them, love them. And in the summer, you'll most likely find me wearing one, like, all the time. So of course, I need a little variety.
This is where Madcapz comes in. Crazy-creative Carrie, the mom-pranuer behind the sweet designs, decided that she needed to create her own variety after getting tired of sports teams and company logos she didn't care about on her head. So now, she sports the Madcapz she designs, which are a far cry from the normal "I borrowed it from my husband/boyfriend/found it in the back of the closet" look so many of us get stuck with when trying to mix a cute baseball cap in with our personal style. Instead, you get a fun fashion-statement and the sun protection you except from a made in the USA product!
But wait-there's more. (Sorry, it's late and I am now finding inspiration in infomercials.)
Madcapz offers a full line of capz for women, kids, and infants, as well as women's visors in berrie awesome patterns like Poppin' Pink, Midnight Moon, and Kitty Crowd. Check them out for yourself and be sure to come back here with a comment on your favorite design and style for a chance at your own Madcapz! And get this; the winner gets to pick their own capz for either themselves or their child.
As usual, you get an extra entry if you either write a post about this contest and then leave me a second comment with the link, or if you grab my blog button and plop it on your site. Just make sure to let me know you did that so I know to give you an extra entry.
Already have my button on your blog? Just let me know and after you visit the Madcapz site and leave me some comment love, you'll get two entries, just like that.
Be sure to check back because I'll be posting a discount code for Madcapz, too!
Contest ends at midnight (EST) on June 8.
So get read, set, comment!


Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Hi Pauline,

Just wondering... is this open to everyone or just readers in the US?

'Cause I'm in Australia & I soooo lurve one of those caps to death!!

Pauline said...

Jane, I'll send an email to madcapz and ask for you. After I get my response, I'll post a comment on your blog and update the post to reflect the answer. I really hope the answer is yes!

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

I actually got in touch with Carrie about it too, because I'd decided that if I couldn't enter I'd like to buy one.

We were talking about me getting some friends to order some & she'd post them together.
Might still do that, even if I win.
Those caps are geeeoooogeeeuuuss!

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Ooops! I forgot to say that I'll definitely be entering, thanks for going half in the postage if (IF) I win :D

Hope my luck hasn't run out for this week ;)

Three P's in a Pod said...

Well, well, well Ms. P...Check you out!! Love the new look!! Isn't Shauna awesome!! Too cute and I love the whole berry theme you have going here!!

As for your giveaway, such cute caps!! Is this Carrie as in Carrie from MomBlogs?? How creative! I love the Pink Dominos hat. What great fabrics she has! So, so cute. Thanks for sharing and the chance to play.:)

Pauline said...

hi there alyson. no no-this is a different carrie. LOL!

Laura said...

The Razzle Dazzle infant cap is tooo cute!

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Yep, it's me again Pauline.

After finding out about winning Carrie's blog makeover giveaway yesterday, I want to let someone else have a go at winning your great prize.

I've had so much great news this week that I think it's time for someone else to have a go. ;)

Jane :)

Pauline said...

Jan, that is berrie sweet! (Sorry, I HAD to.)

Itchin To Scrap! said...

Im so into zebra right now. First time Ive seen it on a hat!

Jessica said...

cute hats. :)