Tuesday, May 27

Biker (baby) chic

Let's just get right to the point. My lil' Buttercup is adorable. But, as it has been proven to me, it is entirely possible to make her even adorable-er. Note the following pictures of Buttercup with her Papa this past weekend:

See? Abso-freakin-lutely adorable-er than ever. I'd like to think it's the baby biker chic look she is sportin' here with her new duds from Baby Banz Sunglasses.
First off, we have the berrie sweet Baby Banz Wrapz in Pink Floral. Her heads just a wee bit small for it still, but that just means she'll get plenty of use out of my new fave baby accessory, which is now an official summer staple in my diaper bag.
Nothin' says "Cute and Dangerous" like this thing.
Then there are the ingenious Baby Banz in Pink Flamingo. Designed to be worn for kids 0-2 and 2-5 (Kids Banz), these little babies are great for keeping little eye's safe from dangerous UV rays. Just be prepared to stop and answer questions by interested and gushing parents!
So who wants their baby (read: child ages 0-5 years old) to look their adorable-est with some sweet duds of their own? the good people at Baby Banz are offering one Wrapz/Baby (or kid) Banz set to one lucky reader. Basically, you leave me a berrie (read: comment), I put names in a hat and let Buttercup draw, and the last one I fish out of her mouth that I can still read is the winner! (You get an extra entry if you can tell me why I wouldn't want to go with the first one I get out of said baby's mouth...seriously.)
One extra entry is also applicable to anyone who blogs about this contest and comes back to drop the link to the post. And if you don't feel like drawing undo attention to this particular contest, thereby flooding the contestant pool, you can get that extra entry by grabbing the HTML code for my button and adding it to your site! Just be sure to let me know you DID that, 'k?
Contest ends at midnight (EST) June 3, at which point I will put the winner in contact with Baby Banz to determine the size and colors of your choice.
Oh-and my lucky readers are also getting treated to a discount code from Baby Banz. Just enter code BSP10 at checkout for 10 percent off your order through June 30.


Nicole Pereira said...

Im asumming shes the kind to start to eat than regurgitate ;)

Anonymous said...

I think these are cute! If I win I'll give it to my granddaughter. I'm dorothy and I emailed you my info in case I win! thanks.

m_pankow said...

Too cute! I love the baby biker look. :D
Of course my jellybean would look cute in it too, so I am putting my name in the hat!

Suzie G. said...

I love these! I couldn't keep sunglasses on my 2 year old because they always fell off her ears. I have a 3 month old now and he'd look so adorable in these this summer!

Itchin To Scrap! said...

Did I email you back? Im having a loss of brain cells. I think they are going out through my nipples. My daughter better be super smart because Im really going dumb.

Excited about my prize!

Pauline said...

Nicole, ya know, I have no idea if you sent me your address...
Anyway, email me your info so we can get you your prize!