Sunday, May 18

It's Cool to Drool

Let's face it: baby stuff is cute but it doesn't usually do double duty as functional, too. And when you've got a baby cutting a bazillion teeth like Buttercup and her amazing 10 at 11 months, you get tired really quick at trying to keep their little neck dry from the non-stop amount of drool that seems to come with each and every tooth. So what do you do?
Regular bibs won't do the trick since they are only going to catch the drool that has already traveled down your baby's neck, but the super-cute Skibz is the master of all baby drool catchers.
Picture the old western cowboy bandana, but smaller and cuter on your baby in cool prints like Girly Whirly, Baby's Breathe, and Little Surfer. Designed to fit snugly under baby's neck, these things not only do the trick, they also compliment your baby's duds instead of covering them up. The berrie best part? They are all proudly made in the USA.

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