Thursday, May 22

Great shoes for little feet

It has been said time and time again: bare is best when it comes to your baby's feet. While we may all have had to deal with those nasty white atrocities of days gone by, our little ones' tootsies are mercifully happier in quality, soft-soled shoes like Robeez.
It goes without saying that the younger the baby, the less the need for any kind of shoe on the foot, but when it comes to keeping socks from slipping off or how to keep their teeny toes warm on cooler days, these shoes are the perfect option. And when it comes to learning how to stand, balance, and walk independently, pediatricians acrosss the board will tell you that if you must use a shoe to stick with a soft-sole so baby can get their walk on naturally.
Robeez are the cutest soft-soled leather baby shoe developed specifically to promote healthy, natural foot development. The thin sole allows baby to feel the ground through the shoe, which gives them a great grip and freedom of movement. Best of all, they dont fall off! (Buttercup's were perfect for her Halloween costume. Yes, of course, she was a princess.)
Still not convinced? What if I told you they were durable, washable, breathable, and skid-resistant? And of course, we all know babies can work some serious acrobatics with their feet in their mouths, but again, Robeez has you covered with leather tested for safety and free of harmful materials. Robeez come in a variety of adorable designs for both girls and boys from birth to the preschool years. Try them for yourself. Check out the adorable Robeez Infant/Toddler Mary Jane Slip-On.
I promise you'll be berrie pleased, indeed.


Michelle said...

Forget about the shoes - how about that beautiful girl !!
She is just adorable !!

Nicole Pereira said...

My son loved he leather soled shoes. they last a long time too