Tuesday, May 20

How to get the perfect pout

I love discovering new products and sharing them with the world. And LanoLip Lip Care SPF 15 Balm and Scrub 3-pc. Gift Set - Unscented
is definitely a berrie sweet pick worth sharing.
Inventor Miranda Coggins came up with the totally "duh" idea (as in "why didn't I think of this???) idea after trying traditional lip balms for years to soothe her chronically chapped lips. The idea came to light when she was nursing her daughter and was introduced to lanolin-based products. After trying the products on her lips and getting great results, she got to working on lip balm prototypes and within a year, the Lano Company was born.
How good is this stuff? Well, since I received it for review, it's the only stuff I've used. It isn't just a line when they tell you that Lanolip actually soothes, protects, and heals chapped and dry lips.
The best part is that since it locks in moisture, a little definitely goes a long way.
Made with medical grade lanolin, this sweet pick also includes jojoba oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil as key ingredients. Oh, and it's wax-free, so no nasty build-up!
Lanolip is available in dreamsicle, wintergreen, strawberry, unscented SPF 15, and strawberry SPF 15. And for only $4.99-$6.99 at Rite-aid stores, specialty spas and boutiques, it's a great way to get a perfect, no mess, pout.

***I've got one set of all four LanoLip varieties for one lucky reader. Just leave me a berrie (read: comment)on this post by midnight on May 27 and you're in! Want an extra entry? Blog about the contest and come back here to post the link!
Good luck!


Three P's in a Pod said...

I always need great stuff for my lips and this sounds like just the ticket!! Congrats on the new blog!

Stop by and see mine sometime.:)

~~Alyson, the 3 P's Mama

Nicole Pereira said...

Oh man right up my ally! Im a gloss/chap stick addict.

Kandace said...

I love me some lip balm!

Tiff said...

Oh that is what i need! My lips are so dry all the time! I use chapstick constantly !

Sarah Jewel said...

I'm at a high elevation so this would probably work wonderfully for my dry, chapped lips! :D

Mother of Logan said...

I love trying new lip balms. It is too bad I live in Canada or do you know of a place that I can this in Canada.
They sound delicious. I even have my 21-month-old son using lip balms to keep his lips moist

Michelle said...

Is this a contest entry or a support group for chapstick addicts????
It's nice to know I am not the only one out there !!

Carrie said...

I totally know how to do the perfect pout, I just want to make it shinier and more appealing to my man.

Pauline, if people are marveling at my pouty lips it may keep the focus off my laugh lines hence giving the illusion of a more youthful me!

Jen said...

me me me...my lips need it bad.

Pauline said...

Hi, my name is Pauline and I have chapped lips...