Sunday, May 18

It's Uni-que

I love me some baby clothes, but I have to admit that ruffles and peter-pan collars can only be tolerated in small doses. And, might I ask, where is it written that baby girl clothes must have pink kittens and boy clothes get the blue puppies? I hate that!
That's why I flipped for Little Uni's simple, modern designs that seriously had me wishing they designed clothing for adults.
But since they don't, I'm perfectly happy to live vicariously through my Buttercup, who looked berrie freakin' adorable in the same set pictured in this post.
Little Uni offers non-ruffle adorned options such as the berrie fave long-sleeved tee with funky appliqued shapes like hippos, birds, and dogs (that also come in PINK, thank you berrie much!) that can be personalized with your little one's name.
This is definitely the way to spice up your baby’s wardrobe while still toning down the “goo-goo” factor. Sizes range from three months to four years. That’s plenty of time to drool over your baby’s clothes.

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