Thursday, May 22


Juice is the root of all evil, right? Not exactly.
Sure, when allowed to suck on sugar-laden beverages all day long, bad things (read: childhood obesity and cavities up the wazoo!) are major possibilities and it's not going to matter if the source of said sugar is natural or artificial.
But a happy medium can be found and Waddajuice can help you get there. Single dad Jordan Kerner came up with the idea of a healthier alternative to traditional juice choices when his kids refused to sip on anything else. After perfecting his new concoction, made of pure juice, purified water, and vitamins, all practically packaged in a spill-proof container, Waddajuice, a product from the Snapple line, was born.
Great flavor options like apple, grape, Lodda Berry Fruit and wild berry are tasty, low-sodium, low-carb options for kids and moms alike. Trust me on this. I don't give Buttercup too much in the juice category right now, but I always keep some Waddajuice in stock for when I want a juice-pick-me-up with minimal effects to my blood sugar.
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