Saturday, June 7

What a star!

Buttercup has major movie star potential. Call me an overly-proud Momma, but the girl has a huge Drama Queen Quotient and already sings and tries to snap her fingers while jammin' to her favorite tunes.
And that high note she hits?
But no matter how much I might dream of my lil' princess taking the world by storm when she is older, I am perfectly content to cuddle up with her and just bubble with pride as we watch one of her fave DVD's, the too-cute-for-words MeMovies BEE AND ME DVD!
Launched by husband and wife team Stephen Ray and Kristina Zill in 2005, each MeMovie is customized with your baby or young child’s picture and their name. It sounds simplistic, but when you receive the 30-minute long DVD in the mail with your child’s smiling face and top billing as the “Featured Co-Star,” I'm willing to bet you are more excited than your kid is going to be. (I know I was.)
And it gets even better when you and your child hear their name pronounced correctly many times throughout the adorable cartoon. MeMovies customizes “BEE AND ME” for baby’s and toddlers through four years of age with a colorful background sure to capture their attention.
It's cute, it's fun, and I can't wait to post a review of COSTUME PARTY, which is designed for kids four and up.
Stay tuned!

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Mrs. R said...

Hi Pauline! I have emailed you a few times, but haven't heard back. Wanted to make sure I et you my address for the ADORABLE bag.

Hey, come on over to SITS, you have a great blog that should be shared!