Sunday, June 22

Blog Bash Review: The invitation

No matter how big or how low-key your child's party is going to be, there are a few basics that you need for the birthday party. Invitations are on obvious point, and I have to say that for important milestone birthdays, or for keeping out-of-state relatives in the loop, I love sending out photo invites.
The only problem is that they usually aren't the most affordable option.
Then, I found these cute princess-themed invites at Stork Avenue and was sold. Not only are they priced right (packages start at 12 for $15 with the per-invite price dropping from there), they are high-quality, adorable, and make a wonderful keepsake.
Not into the princess-girly stuff? That's okay, too. Stork Avenue has plenty of options available, and also allows you to build the invite online and approve it before getting your order out and to your doorstep.
Since I can't show you the actual invite for fear of exposing Buttercup's secret identity, I'll show you the photo we used for the invite instead.
Cute, huh?
Berrie Important Blog Bash Update!!!

Beloved Mama has won the Pink Monkey burp cloth set from Mommogrammed Gifts and More! Make sure to stop back and see if you have been selected for one of the main contest prizes!

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jenny said...

wow this sounds funn and realy nice i like to try and win this