Thursday, June 5

Announcing Buttercup's First Birthday Blog Bash!

I must be crazy!
This little baby of a blog is less than a month old and here I am trying to pull off a successful blog party! No matter how nuts that might sound, I have to at least try. After all, my lil Buttercup is going to be O-N-E!
Her actual birthday is June 12, but to buy myself some time, and to allow all of you the opportunity to join in the fun, I am running Buttercup's Berrie Sweet 1st Birthday Blog Bash from June 21 (her actual due date) through June 28.
The fun is open to both Bloggers and non-Bloggers, so listen up for a few simple rules to get in on some awesome giveaways! Go Baby is the official Berrie Sweet sponsor. A special thanks also goes out to Lipstick to Crayons for designing the super sweet banner for the blog party!

For Bloggers:

* Place the banner in your sidebar by June 21. The code is up on the sidebar. Just just click and paste. Simple, right?

* Go back on your blog and post about the Berrie Sweet Blog Bash, including a link inviting your readers to join in on the party. You can send Buttercup a birthday wish or message and even host your own giveaway if you like! After you have all that set, come back here and sign in to Mr. Linky with a direct URL to your Berrie Sweet Blog Bash post.
Oh-and be sure to stick to one Mr. Linky signature per person.
* And there you have it. Berrie Sweet, right? Just make sure to visit every day of the party to enter my kickin' contests and maybe even play a few games. Also be sure to list the three prizes you are most interested in and I'll do my best to accommodate you should your name be drawn for the main party contest.


* You can par-tay too! Just visit five of our Mr. Linky participating blogs and leave a comment on their Blog Bash post. Stop back here with a berrie (read: comment)listing the five blogs you visited and your email address. Easy enough!

Current prize list for Buttercup's Berrie Sweet First Birthday Blog Bash:

* GoBaby is offering one outmat ($60 value), two inmats ($50 value for each), five organic onsies ($12 value for each), and five organic T-shirts ($12 value for each)! Thirteen winners will get to select the design and size of their choice of awarded prize at the end of the party. Thanks, GoBaby!

* Circle of Sentiments 1-disc sterling silver or copper Mommy classic Necklace (a $45 value.)

*Avannabel Baby is offering a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner.

* Honey Chunks is offering a two-ounce sample of their popular Foaming Cleanser in Sensitive and six homemade reusable baby wipes to one lucky winner.

* Smart Mom Jewelry is offering five individual winners the chance at their own matching Teething Bling bangle and necklace set in the color of their choice. (A $31.85 value)

* Monogrammed Gifts and More is offering one winner the choice of either a Blue Monkey or Pink Monkey Burp Cloth set. (A $22.00 value)

* Baby Banz is offering a pair of Baby or Kids Banz and their new Wrapz Bandana to one lucky winner in their choice of size and color. (A $30 value.)

* Hoohobbers is offering their Junior Director's Chair, which also can be used as a booster seat for kids 18 months to four years, to one lucky winner. (A $35.00 value.)

* MJennings Designs is offering a personalized child's name bracelet made with Swarovski pearls and crystals to one lucky winner. (A $25.00 value.)

That brings to total value of prizes to just under $500!

And from me and Buttercup:

Two winners will get to get their magic on with a plush princess wand from Celebrate Express!
Interested in adding a prize (or five?) to the list from your blog or online store? Email me at and I'll update the prize list daily through June 21, which, by the way, is the deadline to enter for the Blog Bash. I'll host a few separate contests as part of the fun, so make sure to visit often!

Here's Mr. Linky!


Kimberly said...

Yea! I'm here for the party!! I've got my post up and I'm adding the image to my sidebar now. Hope the party is a blast.

We're supposed to leave our top prize picks right? Hmm....they are all great, but I think since my princess is older I'll pick the necklace, the gift certificate, or the outmat!

Can't wait to start the party! Happy Birthday Buttercup!

Sherry said...

my entry, Happy Birthday to sweet cupcake :)

I have put the banner up my blog right bar check it out.

Kristinia said...

I'm ready to parrttty!
We added the image to our bloggy sidebar and wrote a separate post on our blog, we used the Mr. Linky as you stated above!

Awe tell your little Buttercup we said Happy Birthday! 1st birthdays are always soo special and fun! Can't wait to see some pics?

Also you said we needed to list our top 3 prize picks? Do we do that now? If so they are:

1. The Mommy Necklace by Circle of Sentiments
2. Five organic onesies by Go Baby
3. The Inmat by Go Baby

By the way , we found you from Lipstick to Crayons!

Pauline said...

Hi all and thanks for entering.
And I just want to clarify before people get berrie mad at me...the five organic onsies from Go Baby are going to five individual winners.
party on!

Bunny B said...

Cool! I've signed Mr Linky with my direct blog post and posted up the cute button on my sidebar! :)

My top picks would be anything from GoBaby: the outmat, the inmat and the organic onsie!

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Sassy Pink Boutique said...

Happy Birthday!

I posted about your bash, added the side bar banner and signed mr. linky.

Love the outmats, the gift certificate and the banz. What a great give-away!

Rachel said...

I visited Kimberly, Loving Heart Mommy, bunny, TheFreebieBlogger(under freebies for dads because I couldn't find a blog bash post!) and Sassy Pink Boutique.

My top four prize picks are:
Avannabel Baby $25 gift certificate.
Circle of Sentiments 1-disc sterling silver or copper Mommy classic Necklace.
Baby Banz.

Cuddle Cottage said...

Always available for a party! I've got your banner up on my blog sidebar, I've posted about the birthday bash and I've signed Mr. Linky!
The prizes all look fab, my top picks are: the outmat, the Avannabel Baby GC and the junior director's chair!
Happy Birthday to Buttercup - fellow Gemini!

Sherry said...

pink monkey cloth nice :)

Stacey Moore said...

happy birthday buttercup!! my little boy just turned 9 yesterday!!
love a great party!!
favorite prizes:
* Circle of Sentiments 1-disc sterling silver or copper Mommy classic Necklace.
**Avannabel Baby ~ a $25 gift certificate.
**** Smart Mom Jewelry.
we blogged it here:

thanks so much!
moore.g at

Gina said...

WOOHOO!! Another great blog bash!! I'll be sure to wait till the official start date to pick my top 3 prizes, until then, your button is up and your blog bash is blogged about HERE

Also happy birthday to your little one :D said...

I've blogged and signed Mr. Linky!

Okay, the prizes all look awesome!! My choices...should I be lucky enough to win...

1. Outmat
2. Chair
3. Teething Bling

~Amanda~ said...

Happy 1st Birthday Buttercup!

I got my post up and I added your birthday button to my side bar! I also did Mr. Linky!
Now I can not wait to have a blast at your bash!

and my top prize picks are:
1. The $25 gift certificate
2. The Go Baby Outmat
3. The Mommy Necklace by Circle of Sentiments

jenny said...

wow i cant wait for the party i be there and well i wish your little one a verry happy b-day thanks

Mrs. S said... And I've added the link to my sidebar.
How fun is this contest though? Thank you!

Katie said...

Sassy Pink Boutique
A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog Sky ~ Seeryus Mama
A Window To My Crazy Life!
Uniquely Yours
Are the 5 blogs I visited and commented on. katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

Circle of Sentiments
Smart Mom Jewelry are my favorite prizes though they are would be fun to win. Thanks

Ashley said...

Happy 1st Birthday Buttercup!
Hope it is wonderful! I love all the neat prixes and would love the smart mom jewelry. Thanks for sharing! How fun! Your on my sidebar and can't wait to start partying!

Anonymous said...

I've entered! Happy Birthday! Here's my link:

My 3 party favors are:
jewelery from Circle of Sentiments
Junior Directors Chair
Pink Monkey Birp Cloth Set

This is fun!

I also have my own summer giveaway going on: stop by and enter to win!

Anonymous said...

Last item to enter me :o)
I posted at Loveing Heart Mommy, Seeryus Mama, a window to my crazy life, the miskels, and uniquely yours

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I have posted the button on my blog, signed mr. linky and the blog is right here!

Anonymous said...



1. Hoohobbers Junior Director's Chair
2. GoBaby outmat or inmat
3. Circle of Sentiments necklace

Andrea said...

All linked up and ready to Par-tay!!!!!

Andrea said...

Oops forgot to put what I wanted:
1. the organic tee's
2. the director chairs
3. the mommy necklace

trisha said...

The KC has joind the party so now it can begin!!!!!!! Adorable blog!!!!

A Contest Blog by valmg said...

Thanks for listing the party on A Contest Blog! Good luck!

Colleen said...

I wrote my post and signed the Mr. Linky. Trying to get you button my blog, but Wordpress is doing something strange to it. I'll get it to work. I would love the Smart Mom Jewelry, Circle of Sentiments and the Baby Banz.

Ginny said...

Got my post wrote up, just has to publish. Banner is on my side bar, happy bday to Buttercup!

sharla said...




Toni said...

Happy Birthday Buttercup! I posted on Mister Linky and blogged about your contest. The items that most peeked my interest would be:

Circle of sentiments necklace
the avannabel baby gift certificate
the directors chair
MJennings designs bracelet
The princess wand

Sorry picking 3 was harder than I thought LOL

mjenningsdesigns said...

I am here for the party too! I have my post up and image is in my sidebar.

My top pick is the necklace, gift certificate and of course the child size name bracelet from me:-)

Here is my link


Mommy Meryl said...

Hi - what a great bash! I have signed Mr. Linky - posted on my blog - and this is what I love:

1) Mommy Sentiments
2) MJennnigs Designs
3) Baby Bandz

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Buttercup!I posted up the button in my side bar plus blogged about it here

1)Kidz Banz
3)Avannabel Baby gift certificate

Goodies for Mom said...

Here's my party post:

I'd like to win:
- Circle of Sentiments
- Baby Banz
- Anything from gobaby

quitecontrary1977 said...

signed mr. linky & i blogged u here: I'd love to get some goody goodies from any of the.. really! my faves are go baby, avanabel baby and smart mom!

The Mama Hood said...

I signed Mr. Linky and blogged about your blog party. My favorite 3 would be:

1. The Go Baby outmat

2. Avannabel Baby $25 gift certificate.

3.Smart Mom Jewelry

Thank you!

kenzkween at hotmail dot com

Kari said...

Wow, thanks and happy birthday!!

My favorites in no particular order..

Circle of sentiments necklace
The Inmat by Go Baby
Avannabel Baby $25 gift certificate

Kimberly said...

Wow!! I can't believe it! The party starts tomorrow right!!! Can't wait!!

robynl said...

1)Circle of Sentiments 1-disc sterling silver or copper Mommy classic Necklace (a $45 value.)
2)GoBaby outmat
3) MJennings Designs is offering a personalized child's name bracelet made with Swarovski pearls and crystals to one lucky winner. (A $25.00 value.)

I can't wait to party;

robynl said...

happy birthday Buttercup and I look forward to the party.

yourstrulee at sasktel dot net
the 5 sites I visited and added the above are:
bunny #3
A Window To My Crazy Life #10
Uniquely Yours #11
Mommy Meryl #21
My 3 choices are:
MJ Jennings Design
GoBaby outmat
Circle of Sentiments

Doreen said...

I'm ready for da partay!! LOL I've got my posty up and the party button is in my sidebar! Happy Birthday Buttercup!!

Here are my top 3 choices:

1. Avannabel Baby GC (I've been wanting to get a BlaBla for a while now and they sell them!) Yah!! :)
2. MJennings Designs personalized child's name bracelet
3. Smart Mom Jewelry

Maternity Salon said...

HI, check us out at

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Buttercup! My little boy Merrick just turned 1 on Wednesday - yay for both of you! I blogged all about his celebration and about this fun blogbash at
and have the button up on the sidebar.

What a darling way to celebrate such a milestone! And such an impressive gathering of party prizes - my top picks would be the Outmat, the Avannabel gift cert. or the cool Circle of Centiments necklace.

Hooray for Birthdays!

windycindy said...

Hello! I am a June baby,also! Happy Birthday. The five wonderful sites that I visited are 1.) Celebrate I really liked the princess plush wand, 2.) Circle of Sentiments is where I love the copper
disc necklace, 3.) jenicaprime have the wonderful outmats and inmats,
4.) avannabelbaby has the fun funky number tees and 5.)monogrammedgifts
andmore have the adorable blue monkey burp set. Please enter me in your delightful drawings. Many thanks, Cindi

Jenna said...

I see alot of people have posted their favorite prize selections so I figured I better get over here and do it lol!

the GoBaby InMat
MJennings Design Bracelet
Honey Chunks prize pack

Michelle said...

I have had a wonderful time partying with
Kimberly, Ginny, Bunny, Toni, and Goodies for mom. I was trying to talk with The Freebie Blogger but I must have missed her.
This is they way to party Buttercup !!
And for party gifts - Go Baby out mad, The Mommy necklace, and the personalized child's name bracelet.
Party on Buttercup !!

Lilith Silvermane said...

I hope I'm not too late :)

I put up a post for the little one, and the picture on my sidebar!

Thanks :)

Dee S. said...

Happy Birthday, Buttercup

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!! I blogged ya

Anonymous said...

I'll pick the necklace, the gift certificate, or the outmat!

Noor said...

Ahh this is so cute. My sons forst bday is july 23rd and I would like to do this as well, can you email me and help me!

Thanks.. and looks like fun can not wait..