Saturday, June 21

On with the blog bash!

Hello all,blog bash partiers!
I am so E-X-C-I-T-E-D!
It is party day!
Wow. Talk about nerves. What if there isn't enough food? Do you like regular Coke? (Good, cuz the diet is flat!) And what about the kids? Do we have enough to keep them occupied? (Caleb, stop eating the crayons!)
So much to think about!
Well, Buttercup was officially due on June 21 of last year, but made an appearance three weeks early. I figured since I could not have a say in when she and I met face to face, I'd begin the blog bash today in honor of trying to maintain some semblance of control in my life.
(Pathetic, I know.)
So here's the plan: I will announce a few winners every day from the main contest (meaning those of you who signed Mr. Linky and or visited Mr. Linky sites.) Call this the "door prize" phase, if you will. To be fair and give any stragglers the chance to get on our party bus, I will hold off on this portion until after midnight.
(Clock's ticking, people!)
Also, I plan to post a few blog bash reviews and contests that will be open to anyone, with a contest end date of June 28 and all remaining prize winners will be announced.
So let's get ready to party and celebrate the fact that, even though I can't keep a houseplant alive to save my life, Buttercup is thriving and cute and adorable and


Stacey Moore said...

so exciting!! hope buttercup had a great birthday!!

Jenna said...

Congrats and of course Happy Birthday!

Andrea said...

WoohoO!!! Here comes the fun.

jenny said...

may you have a verry happy brith day and minny more

Cuddle Cottage said...

Party time! Hope Buttercup has her party gear ready:) (Loved your comment about not being able to keep a houseplant alive . . .right there with ya!)

Kimberly said...

Happy Due Date Buttercup!! Looks like you and my daughter had opposite personalities. She was due July 22 but didn't make an appearance until August 10! :)

Bunny B said...

Happy Birthday Buttercup!! Woohoo!! :)

Ashley said...

Party! Love them! Happy #1 Buttercup!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Happy Birthday Buttercup!