Saturday, June 21

Blog Bash: Buttercup loves Comment-Presents!

That's it! Time's up! Those of you who missed the midnight deadline for the main contest are just going to have to be patient until the next time I decide to go crazy and host a blog party.

Don't fret. I go crazy all the time and that could conceivably be tomorrow.
Anyhoo, pipe down and listen up cuz it's time for our first mini-blog bash party game. And yes, there is a prize!

"What is it," you ask?

"Well," I respond in my best game-show announcer voice, "two lucky winners will have the opportunity to walk away with their very own "Mom's Summer Survival Pack", courtesy of Playskool and CVS stores!

Included in this nifty prize pack are:

*CVS/Pharmacy Continuous Clear Spray Sunscreen SPF 30: A new, no-rub spray that goes on kids quickly and comes in easy-to-tote 3 oz bottles for $4.99.

*Playskool Cottony Cloths: No matter how old your baby may be getting, baby wipes can handle anything from dirty diapers to sticky summer faces and hands. These handy little portable packs are perfect for stuffing in the diaper bag or keeping in the car. And for $1.79 per pack, you don't have to limit yourself!

*CVS/Pharmacy Hand Sanitizing Spray Pen for kids: I love this one! In your purse, the diaper bag, the car, or your child's lunchbox, this is definitely a must have for keeping germs at bay for only $1.99.

*Playskool Wash or Toss Sippy Cups: Perfect for restaurants, the playground, family parties, or wherever life takes you, these cute little sippy's are the perfect choice for those tired of having to replace that $7.00 favorite that keeps getting lost. A six-pack is just $4.49, so stock up and earn cash back with your CVS Extracare card!

So, what do you have to do to get your name in the hat for this one? Simple, just do a little bit of surfing on the net this week and find me some of the coolest must-haves for Mom, Baby, and kids that have not yet been reviewed on Berrie Sweet Picks and stop back here with your favorite. We'll call these "comment presents."

For an extra entry, email the business owner about my blog and tell them why you think they should contact me for a product review!

I'll pick one winner for the Mom category and one winner for the Baby/Kid category.
Buttercup's comment presents will be accepted until June 27 and winners announced on June 28.

The following five moms have each won their own matching Teething Bling bangle and necklace set in the color of their choice from Smart Mom Jewelry.
* Doreen
* Ashley
* Katie
* Seeryus Mama
* Stacey Moore

Contact me with your address and choice of color so you can get your prize! Remember to check back often to see if you you have been selected for a blog bash prize and happy partying!


Stacey Moore said...

awesome!! thanks so much!! said...

One of MY must-haves is from You must check out the great kids, mama, and maternity apparel from that store. The lady behind is Kristen. Seriously, I love her stuff!

I've also emailed ya about the Teething Bling! Thanx so much!

Seeryus Mama

Andrea said...

How about Buskins ? They have some really neat baby shoes that would be great to get more information from a mama!!!

Colleen said...

Here's something for mom to relax with. Have you seen the Cupcake Bath Bombs from Sassy Pink Boutique? So cute and fun.

Goodies for Mom said...

How about the Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow for Nurising Moms? I'm biased because I'm the inventor ;-) LOL!

Cuddle Cottage said...

I was recently the recipient of a really neat kid product, a Corn Dog Critter, which my daughter just loves!

For moms, have you seen the 'Mommy Hook', a neat aluminium stroller hanger?

Kristinia said...

I recommend you do a review on Tina from BabybeBlessed, (main site)

Her blog is here:

She makes the most darling dolls, lambs, monkeys, etc.. anything is custom and can be made to say whatever you'd like, including the scriptures on the dolls belly!

We just got her to do 2 dolls for our upcoming baby girl Helana!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Every little girl needs a name bracelet from MJennings Designs and Mommy needs one too!


Stacey Moore said...

i think every little girl needs a Kaiya Eve Cotton Candy
Baby Pink Pettiskirt!! you can find it here:
moore.g at

Doreen said...

I e-mailed you!! Thanks bunches!