Thursday, June 26

Go anywhere with the Go Baby OutMat

Let's not beat around the bush here.


No more throwing cheapy in the car or the bottom of the stroller to spread out at outdoor parties, the park, or my own back lawn, for that matter! For one, they were bulky. And for two, they did squat for keeping me and Buttercup dry when the ground happened to be wet.

The Go Baby OutMat is a water-resistant outdoor playmat that delivers on its promise of making afternoons on the grass or at the beach easy and fun. Made of an innovative, pliable, water-resistant combination of materials, it's easy to use, lightweight and easy to transport (just slip it on the stroller handles or on your shoulder!)and just plain cool looking.

The best part? It's comfortable thanks to the poly-spandex (which replaces the hard vinyl used in other water-resistant play mats) and the terry-cloth surface which stays cool in the hot sun.

The beauty of the OutMat really lies within its simplicity. Just unzip and roll out, have fun in the sun, and then pack it back up when you are done.

And when it's time to wash it, just detach the bag and toss it in the wash!


Michelle has been selected as the winner of the OutMat prize! But don't fret if you want one of your own. Normally $60, these nifty (and yes, I said nifty and am not ashamed)OutMats are on sale for $45 for the summer!

The Blog Bash is almost done, so make sure to check back to see who won the rest of our Go Baby loot in Saturday's post.

On Sunday, I'll be back to post our winners from the week's contests. Please be patient with me as I work to contact the companies with winner information for distribution of prizes.

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