Sunday, June 8

Say hello to Bob

If you had known me when I was pregnant, you probably would have wanted to murder me.
"Why?" you ask?
"Because," I respond, "a sane, non-pregnant person can only listen to a pregnant obsessive person obsess about what stroller to get for so long before wanting to strangle her."
Seriously. Had it been one of my friends, I don't know if I'd be talking to them right now.

I survived (obviously), and have a kickin' stroller to show for my paid-desk-job, internet-searching-while-rubbing-the-belly-thing. (Thanks, former office job!)
Now, before anyone thinks we are loaded, let me set you straight. we are N-O-T. And perhaps because we knew that with my frequent walking for miles on end that we would not be able to afford replacing those cheapy-plastic wheeled jobs every 500 miles, we decided to bite the bullet and plunk down some serious cash on the BOB Revolution Stroller from REI.
Why? Because if you are active and plan to use said stroller for more than just strolling the mall, you need a stroller than can take the punishment associated with heavy use on pavement and off-road trails. That’s where the Bob Revolution comes in. It might look bulky, but it handles like a dream (trust me on this!)whether at the zoo, at mall, or on a 3-mile hike, thanks to rear-positioned shock-absorbers, a fully-pivoting front wheel that locks for off-roading and jogging, and a two-step, fold-up design.
Oh, and let me just tell you that Sweeter (the hubby) went all man-happy when he learned about the shocks. In fact, they pretty much sold the stroller to us by themselves.
Baby will be raving about the Bob, too, thanks to a fully padded reclining seat and internal pockets for porting around snacks and toys. This gem of a stroller also features a rear wheel foot-activated braking system, a five-point safety harness and can be pimped out to the gills with optional accessories galore like a BOB Handlebar Console
(a MUST), single infant car seat adapter (yeah, that's a MUST, too!), or a BOB Warm Fuzzy in White
to add extra comfort to baby’s ride (ehhh...not so much).
You can even take baby on a nice long walk on rainy days with the BOB Weather Shield for Single Revolution/Stroller Strides Models in Yellow.

This stroller is like, my best friend. And it solidified that role when I participated in the March for Babies and ended up pushing my friend's 10-year-old in it, one handed, while I carried Buttercup in my Ergo Baby Carrier for the last THREE MILES!
It steered just as easily as it did when Buttercup was in it, and made me fall in love with Bob all over again.

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Kandace said...


I have the double Bob and seriously the suspension alone when I'm running is amazing. Both my kids love it!