Wednesday, April 15

Add a little green to your day

I have to admit: I might try my best to do Kermit proud with my efforts to be as green as I can be, but I haven't really done much to celebrate Earth Day since middle school. (Yeah, I know. Bad Mommy Blogger. Bad!)

But I can try to make up for it at least a little bit, right? In fact, I can help you add a little green to your Earth Day Celebration on April 22 by telling you about the new Eco Kid Kitson HP Creative Studio. Just stop on by for fun, printable projects with kid-friendly reminders about energy conservation where it matters most: in your home.

You can also get more information and more Earth-friendly printables featuring expeditions from award-winning photographer and environmental advocate, Sebastion Copeland. Select from all-occassion cards with tips to reduce environmental impact printed on the back of each one, or check out the calendar template that helps spread the word about the Young Ambassadors of the Arctic, an initiative to increase public awareness about climate change by getting kids involved.

Happy Earth Day!

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