Sunday, April 19

Berries was there! Were you?

My day started at 7 a.m. and really got going when I piled Buttercup, my mom, and sister into the mini van and drove 2.5 hours to Pheonix for the American Baby & Family Expo. Yeah, I know...crazy, huh?

But I couldn't turn down an invite from Boon Inc. Marketing Director Kate Benjamin to check out the fun.

I've been in Tucson for a month now and know my way around the area pretty well...after all, you can't really get lost when you live in an area with one interstate. ;) But today my good luck ran out and our trip there and back took over 3 hours each due to shut down freeways and detours that led a line of frustrated drivers in endless circles.

But all the swearing under my breath is behind me now and I can sit down for a minute and focus on the fun, the vendors, and the incredible products I got a chance to look at today.

Like this Awesome onsie from Bubby Baby Boutique!

Bubby Baby Boutique has plenty of other sweet stuff for both boys and girls and I am so in love with the fact that this stuff has ATTITUDE! (A onsie that says "Elmo is my Homeboy? A Punk Rock Diva dress? A flippin' Wonder Woman Tee? Come on!)

And with Birthday on the Brain, I had to check out the Maddycakes booth.

For those in the Pheonix area, this is definetely the place to go for the perfectly planned themed party for your little ones.

Michelle's got plenty of experience making birthdays extra sweet, and I only wish she was close enough to help me plan Buttercup's 2d birthday bash! (Hmmmm...I wonder if an Elmo/Princess party would work...)

I can't forget about the Peanut Posh display. Talk about cute! Kickin' ties for your little man and the coolest interchangeable bottle cap barretts I have EVER seen. I can't wait to do a review and contest!

And then of course, there was boon! We had tons of fun with Buttercup trying out the Flair High Chair that a few lucky readers have won here at Berrie Sweet Picks (and I am so jealous...this thing is too cool for words!), and just oohing and ahhhing over the mod baby and kid stuff that I know we all love. (Seriously you all keep coming back for my offbeat sense of humor and gripping writing style or to see what else boon is giving away on my blog? Or do I really want the answer to that? hmmmm....)

It's almost 1 a.m. here and I am exhausted (and I still have a vlog to put together!) but my looking like a newborn kicked my butt tomorrow morning was so worth the fun I had today.

So let me get back to work here and I promise to be back tomorrow with another great contest. Sweet dreams!

Oh and Kate? Buttercup says "thank oooo" to you and boon for your generosity. ;)

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